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    Unplayable due to lag/jerkyness

      I bought this game yesterday and coming from playing it from the xbox one to this I can say I'm quite dissapointed.


      If i walk in a straight line no problems, but if I turn or try to spring I either get rubber banding or movement that cannot be controlled.


      FFS this is 2013 and I wanted to give the PC a try as I thought that it would be good to see how I go on a different platform.


      My Specs are Intel I5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHZ

      8 GB Ram

      Nvidia Gti 550tx


      Is anyone else having these sorts of issues or is it server related.  Seeing as my first experience is was like this I have nothing else to compare it to.



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          Re: Unplayable due to lag/jerkyness

          Welcome to the pc side of gaming Yes everybody that I have seen in these forums is having problems with this game including myself, this game is horrible on the pc and a fix is no where in sight Please do not use this game as a benchmark for pc gaming, maybe just be patient and by the time the DLC releases they will have the game fixed, until then I would try squads or maybe go ahead and run through the campaign if you can even play the game and one more thing the hackers are out of control on multiplayer so good luck

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            Re: Unplayable due to lag/jerkyness

            Two things:


            1. The game is a very bad port. It will stutter and show sub-par performance even on very fast machines.

            2. It's 2013. Get a 2013 machine (once they fix it, should help also).


            The graphics card in particular won't give you a better experience than one of the new consoles.

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