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    Some tips for your next game..

      Well Treyarch, since IW has released their game it is no doubt that it is only a matter of time before we see your next release. How about we set a few things straight before we see another disaster like Black Ops 2. Okay?


      So sound the alarms and listen the hell up, I'm about to drop a knowledge bomb.



      For some odd reason you have a submachine gun fetish. I'm not sure what brought it on; maybe some youngin' newhire walked in and said ''the kids will love this'', but I can assure you that we are sick of this game being overrun by submachine guns (henceforth SMGs). With the way maps are designed there is no reason to use anything other than a SMG. Why is this? A few reasons.


      1. Highest mobility

      2. Highest fire rate

      3. Small maps

      4. Equal damage


      You've proven yourselves all but incompetent when tasked with balancing SMGs into the mix, so maybe it's time to find some new people. What needs to change is astonishingly simple and I'm surprised you've not figured it out yet.


      Assault Rifles and LMGs need their damage buffed and SMG needs damage drop reduced immensely. There is *no* reason whatsoever that a LMG should do the same damage as a SMG at mid-long range.


      So please, in your next game don't pop wood over SMGs. Make them reasonable.


      Now let's take a look at shotguns. I'm sorry to say it, but they have no place in this game. They cannot be balanced with the CoD style maps and are ridiculously overpowered, ESPECIALLY with the range you gave them in Black Ops 2. Now of course we'll have those people saying "but in real life shotguns can shoot 60m!". Sure they can, but in CoD 60m is across the damn map. They are snipers with spread in this game, they need to go.


      Lag Compensation

      I'm not sure what the hell you were thinking with this game, but you f****d this up bad. Really bad. There is absolutely no reason that I should be able to follow someone, pump half a clip into their back, only to find them 180 and kill me in one burst from their gun. You need to borrow some code from Mw2 on this one, buds. That game was flawless when it came to player on player interaction. Sure, if you're from New Zealand with a Canadian host you're SOL, but with enough people on you can usually be put in your own game. Get some help, because you all suck with this.Everyone has been saying this since day one yet you've turned a blind eye to it.



      Once again, I'm not sure what you were thinking with this. Knifing in BO2 is insane and absolutely ridiculous. How about a simple fix?


      Neck up = 100% damage. One hit kill.

      Torso = 75% damage. Two hit kill with knife, can be combined with gun for fast kill

      Arms + Legs = 50% damage. Two hit kill with knife.


      Pretty simple, right? Also reasonable. Furthermore, reduce the goddamn distance of these guys!! Nobody can jump 10+ feet and deliver a fatal blow. Jesus people, it's not rocket surgery.It's called a First Person SHOOTER for a reason.


      Additionally, with your new class customization (which I applaud you for and will cover later) it makes 6 perk knifing possible which is an incredibly OP setup. It is absolutely ridiculous to have these guys flying all over the map, running through explosives, flashbangs, and anything else you can throw at them with a riot shield on their back stabbing everyone to death. Fix it.


      That''s it for my complaints, so instead of putting time into a half-assed "DLC" with recycled content *cough* Nuketown *cough*, let's put some effort into game mechanics. K?


      What To Keep

      Now, ladies and gentlemen, there are plenty of things I would like to applaud you on.


      Anticheat- Absolutely fantastic job. No sarcasm whatsoever, your anticheat has done a wonderful job at keeping cheaters down. There are developers who didn't even develop cheats for this game because they were just getting everyone banned. Hats off to you. Will some slip through? Sure. But by far this game has had the least amount of cheaters of every CoD I've played.


      Class Cusomization- You all did very well at introducing change through the class selection system. The unlock token system is awesome and bringing challenges back to camos is a refreshing change. No more of that money crap. The Wildcard system is lovely and I want to see this in your next game.


      Killstreaks From Points- Loved this system as well. Sure, some points should have been adjusted but the idea is great. Keep it.


      What To Add

      Alright. I want you to listen closely.There is not much that needs to be added as long as you fix the above, so how about we show PC gamers some love? Why don't you be the one to bring the love back to the CoD franchise? Give us servers. Give us the ability to take out the few cheaters that do slip through and make our own rules and custom game modes? Back in WaW you showed us this love and we were very appreciative. Even in Black Ops there were servers! We loved it! Then, suddenly, this game comes in and it's gone! You left us hanging.


      Also, mods! Look back at CoD4. That game is still full of thousands of people and it's years and years old! Look at how many are playing modded servers. Look at how many programmers and aspiring game designers are able to showcase their talents. Bring that glory back to your game. Hell, even Mw2 had an abundance of mods. Those are hailed as the two greatest CoDs of all time and this is widely accepted. I'm sorry Treyarch, but you haven't made the list yet.


      TL;DR: Fixes 'n stuff.