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    Looking to get into a good clan

      HEy trying to get into a decent clan play mostly ever day K/D at 1.226 but been going up slowly but surely. I am 22 so def mature gamer a have Tuttle beach headset. If interested an playing some games together first send clan invites or requests to SKAVENGER42o

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          Re: Looking to get into a good clan

          Come check us out at www.dagclan.com.


          Referrer: DaG Ali

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            Re: Looking to get into a good clan

            How's it going.  Come check us out at www.w2oe.com.  What system are you on?  If you are playing on the Xbox one send me an FR. my GT is Coachrocks87

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              Re: Looking to get into a good clan

              Hey, I play with a Xbox one Gold division clan [OSXG] One Shot Execution Gaming. We are looking for Hardcore and Core players and we play TDM in both. age 20-30. Hit me up if you want to test the water.

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                Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                Hi Scavenger!

                How are you today?


                If you're interested in a friendly yet competitive clan environment I would definitely suggest checking out the Legendary Lions!
                We are a UK/USA/CA clan with XB1, PS3, and PS4 members. It's a 21+ clan and we are currently in the Platinum Division.


                We have people on nearly all the time and all the guys and girls are awesome:)


                Feel free to check us out at http://thelegendarylions.co.uk/


                Otherwise, good luck finding a clan man!

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                  Re: Looking to get into a good clan



                  Here at IMMORAL GODS we are a family we all play together and enjoy the company of each other.  We are competitive and play for fun.  We are not a perfect clan and don't pretend to be.  We are looking for new members that span the globe.  We currently have the UK (ENGLAND-IRELAND), EU (GERMANY-PORTUGAL, FRANCE), USA FROM (EAST AND WEST COAST), AND MOROCCO.  If you are looking to play with our clan you will fit into any of these areas and we welcome all we just ask that you play. If you do not speak English no problem. Just message one of us. Hope to hear from some of you out there and good hunting.

                  XBOX360 AND XBOX1 players can email me @   immoralgods@gmail.com





                  LT. COMMANDER: barghie1(ENGLAND)

                  LT. COMMANDER: SoG (USA)

                  LT. COMMANDER: yollowcornmamba/ps4

                  LT. COMMANDER: shadowgam3rhd (XBOX360)

                  LT. COMMANDER: XBOX1

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                    Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                    WE ARE THE DIVINE KNIGHTS
                    Currently recruiting new members!
                    Come join us!


                    DK’s basic principles can be summed up in 5 words:


                    HONOR the game and the players


                    RESPECT everyone


                    LOYALTY to your fellow clan mates


                    MATURITY to know right from wrong


                    TEAM WORK to ensure a well-played game



                    DK is a multi-platform, multi-cultural gaming community filled with people enthusiastic about the games they play. Founded in 2008 by 9 individuals striving for more than just a run of the mill gaming clan. They founded DK following their main tenants of honor, respect, loyalty, maturity, and team work. Now in 2013, DK is home to over a hundred active members! We look to evolve and become an even better clan than before!



                    We also give the opportunity for others to start up games and use our forums, website and our marketing/recruitment team help build their games.



                    We've just celebrated our 5 year anniversary! We've won 8 Championships on PS3 and XBOX



                    OUR CURRENT LINE UP



                    [] XBOX Division [DK]


                    Call of Duty : Ghosts


                    -Core US/CA Team


                    -Hardcore Team


                    -Core UK Team



                    [] PS4 Division [DKGC]


                    Call of Duty : Ghosts


                    Battlefield 4


                    DC Universe



                    [] PC Division [DKC]

                    League of Legends

                    Diablo III


                    What we offer:


                    • Friendly Scrimmages


                    • A great set of Ally Clans


                    • Inter-clan Tournaments


                    • Private and Public Forums


                    • Daily/Weekly Practice Sessions


                    • Plenty of ways to stay connected


                    • An open and mature environment


                    • Participation in Public Tournaments


                    • A group of dedicated game leaders and staff members



                    And much more!



                    What we require from you:


                    • Must be at least 16 years old to apply


                    • The ability to remain level-headed and calm during high-stress situations


                    • Must have access to a communication device in tandem with your gaming console or PC



                    Interested? Want more info? Please visit our forums!




                    Exciting Community Forums - Premium Flash Website




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                        Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                        (Xbox 360)

                        IEG is a up and coming clan and we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking to build a good base of players, casual and competitive. We've been around for almost a year and so far we are growing w/ some of the most amazing members.

                        Come join and play some fun/casual gaming and make some friends or join for some competitive experience w/ gbs,scrims,and tourneys  


                        Must be 16+ years old, have a mic, and be mature. We have no k/d requirements for the clan, but for the competitive side we will. Come check us out and apply at:


                        www. infinity elite gaming clan .com (without any of the spaces; all one word)


                        Just register and click on "Apply now!" and then "New Member applications" then follow the directions it tells you.


                        (p.s. when filling out the application make sure to say you were referred by Mr IEG RaMPaGEoG)

                        Any questions? Feel free to message me here or on the site "Mr IEG RaMPaGEoG" or on xbox my gamertag is "Mr IEG RaMPaGE"

                        Mr IEG RaMPaGEoG

                        IEG Captain

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                        Re: Looking to get into a good clan
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                          Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                          I Just wanted to say Thanx again for join the clan and good luck in the clan wars playing with us Thanx again

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                            Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                            If your looking for a clan thats more like a family, then we are that clan. xIMMORTAL_GOON_GAMINGx is looking for loyal and active members to join our

                            family/clan. We are a "DRAMA FREE" clan. So if your a problem, dnt even apply.


                            We are looking for: S&D, S&R, DOM, AND HARDCORE PLAYERS.


                            PS3/LT.RDAYS36, LT.IMMRTL_MG, LT.POMPEYLAD76, NIGHTmareAx7alex, FEARTHEREAPER_3

                            PS4/LT.CANADASTRUWEAPON, EL_M0TO

                            360/ LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED

                            XBOX ONE/ LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED

                            GOLD CLAN TAGS: LEVEL 13

                            Apply at: xIMMORTALGOONx on call of duty ghost app.

                            When you get accepted you will first need to register on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/xIMMORTAL_GOON_WAR_ROOMx
                            Then sign up for clan website at: http://trugoonsforlife.enjin.com/

                            Must be over 13
                            Being and "ACTIVE" member is what keeps you in the clan.
                            Having a mic is good. Cuz we do callouts. But its not going to keep you frm getting in.
                            Doing clan ops and daily challenges are a most.(Dnt apply if u dnt do them)
                            Respond to game invite and friend request from other members(Clan members first, friends second)
                            You must sign-up for clan website & facebook page.You must post at laest 2 post a week."CLAN RULES" (NOT POSTING MEANS YOUR NOT A FULLY ACTIVE MEMBER)
                            Have a 1.08 K/D minimum (I will not be taking anyone that does have a K/D under 1.08 at all.
                            All clan member must maintain over a 1.00 K/D. If it falls below, u will b warned to get it up before your removed from clan.
                            Always respect your fellow member, squad leaders, and Lt.commanders.

                            IN RETURN:
                            You get to team up with some very skilled, but friendly people.
                            Get to learn how to work well with other team players.
                            Get to watch and learn from skilled players

                            Any clans looking to merge with us inbox GOONFRMDADE71, or any of the LT. COMMANDER.

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                              Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                              [.SoLow.] - XBox 360 - Recruiting Members And Accepting Clan Mergers - XBox 360 - [.SoLow.]


                              Give us a look, all our members enjoy being with the clan because we are so active, we welcome anyone willing to help us and there are endless other good reasons to join .SoLow.


                              Ask any of our 55+ members and they will all say the same thing..

                              Great clan, Great people, Great atmosphere, Great clan and gaming experiences..


                              I have no reason to say any more really..


                              [.SoLow.] - XBox 360 - Recruiting Members And Accepting Clan Mergers - XBox 360 - [.SoLow.]

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                                Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                                Ayy hows it going.. I just made a clan and im trying to find people to join. Im usually on every day and im 20 soo pretty mature player right here.. If you;re looking to join in search up StrictlyBiznass and send in an application.

                                My gamertag is XxInfinito718Xx.. Im lookng forward to playing with you sometime

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                                  Re: Looking to get into a good clan

                                  Discharged Gaming is currently recruiting for Call of Duty Ghost on the ps3 & ps4. We are at Clan LvL 18 about to be lvl 19, have gold clan tags and are placed in the Platinum Division for Clan Wars. Our members are very active and even as we continue to grow members are able to stay connected with each other through our website and the fact that we have several different companies set up where members play together as a team. We have a military style chain of command and members are rewarded not only for their game play but their activity and participation on the website. Our leadership team is made up of mature adult gamers dedicated to its members. We have members of all skill level from competitive to casual and have an international company for our overseas members. New members MUST have a mic. If this interest you please go to www.dischargedgaming.com to apply.

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