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    USR - Impending NERF?

      Has anyone else noticed the huge popularity of this gun in the last week? I've been playing since launch, play both Core and HC, and every game type except Cranked (if I can help it) and I've noticed more and more USR users.


      Why does one ask? Perhaps because you don't even have to think and you can QS/use this gun. I've used all of the sniper rifles (I got my Ghillie Suit mostly through Core not like most who jump into HC Dom). The USR is hands down the easiest to not only use, but to QS with such ease that it's almost as if you just need to hit both things at roughly the same time and you're guaranteed a kill.


      ** I QS when needed so this is not a thread complaining on QS'ers**


      So my questions are:


      Is the dynamics, hit box, whatever the heck its called greater on this gun and that allows people to seamlessly get off fast kills with little to NO accuracy?


      Will they be fixed rather soon?


      If not soon, in the near future?


      Is anyone else noticing anything I've mentioned above? In Core you get a kill cam so you can see the BS take place right before your eyes. I know that in BOps II they mentioned something about how the reticle vs the actual gun were on two different planes (if you will). Is it the same in this game, but more so with the USR? I clearly don't have footage because a) this game has no recording option b) I don't have a capture card, but all of my clan mates and a lot of my friends are experiencing the same thing.




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          1. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

          before i say anything i want to say i think snipers are fine. they are a one shot kill and should be. second i "hardscope" when i snipe, if thats what people want to call it.


          now for me i use the lynx the most and love it. i dont really care for the others.


          also i know this is going to be mentioned multiple times in this thread, but kill cams are not an accurate representation of what happened majority of the time. they are only meant for fun and locating who shot you. so relying on them to "show us" how of this BS happens isnt exactly the way to try and prove it.


          your best bet would be to record a match that you know you arent lagging in and use that weapon and see if it still appears to be doing what you are seeing in the kill cams.

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            2. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

            The gun is fine. They all have been from the start. I hope they just leave stuff alone. Although I can't tell you anything about how things have been since Friday, after the update I can't play anything other than campaign.

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              3. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

              The USR has a 90% movement speed which is why it's popular.  It has fewer OHK body multipliers compared to the L115 and the Lynx.  Killcams aren't always accurate - they are there to give you a heads up over the rough location of your killer so you don't get constantly owned.

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                4. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

                The hit boxes are the same for all weapons in this game.  The hit boxes are huge and you barely need accuracy for any weapons.  That's why the TTK seems so fast.  I get kills with ARs and SMGs all the time that I feel I shouldn't have gotten.

                If you think the USR is so easy to use, I challenge you to use it and do as well as you can do with your favourite AR or SMG.  I know that I can't and the same probably applies to over 90% of people playing this game.  Learning how to do well with all the weapons in the game will really improve your game.

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                  5. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

                  I think the snipers rifles are just fine. The USR is my favorite sniper rifle of Ghost. Saying that the USR requires little to no accuracy for one-shot kills is a lie. I get plenty of hit-markers with USR.

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                    6. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

                    Their numbers will outweigh perception. If the numbers reflect a change is needed, one will be made.

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                      7. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

                      Sniper rifles are all fine, on their own. I think the multipliers need tweaking for suppressors though. If you have a suppressed sniper rifle, OHK should only be head or upper chest, otherwise there's no downside to using the suppressor.


                      Also, how does almost no one know how to scout when sniping? Thermals are such a crutch on this game. Yes yes I know Incog does that job, but I can live without it. Besides, it's not the Target Finders that are annoying me, just people that don't know how to look. Every time I get sniped by a thermal scope, it's always a **** kid who doesn't know how to look properly. Is it bad eyesight, bad player, or laziness?? Hmmm...

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                        8. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

                        The suppressor is fine.  People need to stop hunting red dots.  Using a suppressor takes away the lower leg multipliers to the L115 and the Lynx.  Wanting a OHK to the head or upper chest for sniper rifles would be disproportionate.  That would be like a reduction of 50% range on other guns, which doesn't happen.


                        All optics help people with 'bad eyesight' even a red dot.  The benefits of using certain optics are the zoom levels they give you.  I will happily use a bolt action rifle that has iron sights available but I would expect faster ADS time for it.  If using thermal is a crutch then I imagine using Focus would be a crutch for a lot of people.

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                          9. Re: USR - Impending NERF?

                          And what does a suppressor do for the USR? Sweet FA...


                          L115 & Lynx suppressed removes lower leg multipliers? That's it?!? Ah, sod it then, I'm gonna take off Chrome Lined and go suppressed on my L115. Like I said, there's absolutely no downside to suppressing your sniper rifle.


                          Thermal still lights you up like a christmas tree. And it is a crutch, because if they removed the thermal and used the standard scope, they wouldn't be able to find a horse in a stable.

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