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    Hail to the Squads!


      With all the negativity thrown out there... wanted to praise IW for the addition of the Squads mode. I didn't pay it much attention upon release as my playtime has been limited, but really got into it during my vacation and am glad I did.


      To be fair, haven't played much more than Squads Assault, so please keep that in mind. Would love some feedback on the other modes and if you find them worthwhile.


      I have been a huge fan of the Bots in CoD since they were implemented in Black Ops. I am the type of person who benefits from getting in deep with maps, experimenting with various guns/setups, and trying out various kill streaks. I started out slow on COD4, WaW, and MW2 due to the learning curve involved, and when Black Ops introduced the ability to play against Bots with Combat Training my game completely changed. I was able to explore the maps, try out all the weapons, and learn the killstreaks (Was useless with the Valkyrie rockets at first, for example, after messing about with them in CT could thread them through windows and around corners and get multi-kills more often than not). Really missed this in MW3, would just go into a Private match and run around to learn the flow of the maps, but not the same without someone after you. Was sad to see Combat Training disappear in Black Ops 2, but still played against the Bots often in Private Matches, especially when nobody was on to party up with.


      My complaint, if I had any, was that the Bots in those games were rather stupid. I would often play 1 vs 9 for a challenge. They were crazy accurate at times, but erratic in movements and not tactical at all. Besides that... it was kind of a waste. I put a lot of time into those modes and while I improved as a player, I didn't really earn anything for my time.


      I am really loving the Squads mode thus far. Even for a guy who has spent very little time actually working on his squad members (My time as I stated has been limited, so just been progressing one squad member so far), I am enjoying playing alongside and against the AI. They play almost like human opponents, and I have been impressed thus far by the play of the bots both for and against me.


      For example- Was playing on Strikezone in a TDM Squads assault match. I ran up the staircase to the right of the Hot Dog stand and lost a gunfight to an attacker. An AI teammate avenged me for the final kill. I watched the kill cam as the AI player moved. It was heading from the pro-shop towards the hot dog stand. It saw me die in it's peripheral vision, took a step back, took cover behind the crates at the bottom of the stairs, covered the spot where I had just been killed, and took out the enemy once he was visible. Pretty awesome stuff.


      Loving that I can play squads, work on setups, learn the maps and various game modes, and still level up, even though it is a rather significantly lower pace. Wondering if others are enjoying Squads as much as I am, and what your experiences have been. Any modes you recommend, or things to try?


      I think the only thing that scares me about Squads is my AI teammates seem to be vastly more intelligent and skilled than the randoms I encounter in Public lobbies....

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          I have only dabbled with squads but my son plays it almost exclusively - and LOVES it. I watched a few matches he played (TDM and Domination) and you are spot on. The bots seem to be far more technical than the randoms in public matches - and a little more difficult to plan against.


          One drawback - when you play online against others and their squads don't be surprised to find the enemy player camping in a corner of the map trying to let their squad do all of the work......saw that in both matches I watched that my son played - which might be why he won both matches quite easily. Was funny at the end of the match to see my son go 25-3 and the player running the other side go 3-1......

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              I've been pleased so far to see that I am actually losing matches from time to time. Seems weird to say, but that means I am being challenged. Have had to lead my team back to victory on numerous occasions, and there have been times where the result was in doubt until the very last minute.


              An excellent addition to the game.

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              I absolutely agree, Drew.  I have played very little multiplayer and a great deal of squads.  The bots actually play the objectives!    I also posted an earlier thread where I mentioned that, in squads,  the human players are also more amenable to civil conversations.  It's simply a great deal of fun.  I enjoy Wargame and try to be the best human player on the team.  I suggest you experiment with that mode too.  Best wishes!

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                I've got to say my bots aren't too clever when it comes to Search & Rescue. When the bombs been planted & i've been spectating my last bot they don't seem to make alot of effort to diffuse. Most times going in completely the wrong direction.


                But, i do like squads. When i'm having a rough time on MP i just jump into wargame on recruit.

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                    Have to agree with you there. But then, I don't normally play SnR so it was a learning experience for me.


                    But have played Dom and a few other modes (it seems to favor TDM, which is fine with me) and they actually seem to get the Objectives.

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                    I don't get Squads.


                    Do your bots get better when they're Lvl60 vs Lvl1, or just stay the same?


                    How do you get wins when you're offline and your squad is called out against another squad with a human element?


                    I know weapon category choices affect how your bots play, but what if I don't want them to do that? I want a cautious AR user who captures flags, but instead it seems only the rushers using SMG's ever cap.


                    I wonder, does X1 use the cloud to judge how you play, and export that behaviour to the bots?


                    Alot of questions........


                    EDIT: I like the mode, it's a bit of a chillout, but, you know... ^^^

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                        From what i've experienced your lvl 60 bot is no better than a lvl 1


                        Your off line wins are down to how crap the human is who challenged you and luck. 99% of the time you'll probably lose.

                        As i said in another thread. Change you hq to Stonehaven. No one has challenged me since i did that. I also have a Sniper, a Marksman and a couple of a/rs & 1 smg equipt if someone does want to try their luck.


                        I did have a bit of a strange one yesterday. Theres one friend i challenge all the time as hes got s&r as his default game & i rack up the wins all the time against his bots. But yesterday they did me 4-0. Didn't see that comming. Is the system that intelligent that it learns??????

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                          Correct me if I'm wrong...


                          ... while playing Squads I believe that your squad buddies will play depending on a number off factors.


                          [1] Their level i.e level 1 as too level 60

                          [2] Their set up - loadouts etc

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                            Be very careful when building your squad so that the bots are optimized for the map and mode which makes up your squads headquarters.  This means you have to do a deep dive into which perks maximize which weapons, how those perks determine the AI movements and tactics.  Nowadays, I get at least 2 wins out of 5 when my squad battles off-line against humans.  And the losses are usually close.  You mainly just want to challenge the human player and make your game fun.  Too many squads are set up as stealth squads.  They still get beat all the time, and the matches are painfully boring.  One guy had everybody set as stealth on Warhawk and I literally could sit on the main road by the ice cream shop gunning them down as they all crouch walked in a line around and around the map.  And the AI never changed this behavior because they had been programmed to do it.  I won with a score of 50-17 or something like that.


                            Think of it as programming your team.  Writing bad code will give you a bad product.  Make your team dynamic and then give them the best weapons and scorestreaks for the map and mode and, while I don't think they will ever be Medal of Honor recipients, they will provide a lot of entertainment and challenge for everyone.



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                            squads is hella fun, and you're 100% correct ndf the ai is a massive step up from previous bot games in cod, heck even when i play normal mp i run the support teammate as then i know if im playing solo theres at least one other person on my team going for the objective


                            One of the reasons im grinding gold camos atm is so my squad looks pimping when people challenge them

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                              I also play Squads exclusively. I feel that being challenged by a Bot is much more enjoyable than having to deal with someone who is modding or cheating in one way or another. Though there are times I raise my eyebrow to the actions of a Bot, I know that it is being controlled by "programming" and not being interfered with by someone flipping a switch or sticking a drinking straw in their controller. There are a few additions I would like to see added to the Squads mode or at least make them more easily accessible. #1. Add a "Theater Mode" in order to view what your Squad is doing during "challenge matches" or "random matches" your Squad is selected for. I'd like to see this for several reasons, most importantly, if your Squad is averaging 2-3 wins by themselves or they are averaging 40-49 kills per losing match and someone comes in and completely decimates them with a 50 to 8 score, I would really like to see what in the world my Squad was doing. I would also like to see what the other team was doing, you know it's one of those, "what the" moments. #2 Add the capability of seeing the individual stats for each squad member for each game (all, but primarily referring to games they play on their own without you). This way you can make adjustments as necessary in order to hopefully improve the performance of your Squad.

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                                  I wish for this as well.  It's harder than it should be to tell how well your bots are doing when the only time I can see them, or their stats is when I am playing with them, which I know throws the balance out of wack since I am usually doing quite a bit to give them an advantage when I am playing.

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                                  I think the Squad Modes are a nice addition

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                                    Yep, I gotta agree, SQUADS is pretty awesome, and IW really should continue with this for some time. I HAVE to be able to control my squad!!! it's ok if they kinda meander throughout the maps and find and end random opposition but what if I want them to be in formation? what if I want to sweep the whole map from one end to another? I personally want to be able to bark a command at my Kinect or in my headset and watch my troops deploy a killstreak that I earned. In objective game modes I'd like to be able to call squadmate names and assign tasks to them, DEFEND B! or ATTACK C! or have them switch to heavy weapons. That would be cool if I had a Tac Insert and I could command my squads to regroup or retreat if needed. Commands like STEALTH or GO LOUD or FLANK or ON ME! would be a sweet addition.


                                    IW, you can take squads to a whole other level!!!!!


                                    LET PLAYERS CONTROL THE SQUADMATES.

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                                      they made it so they also play differently depending on what kill streaks you give them, be it assault support or the other thingy. so it's definitely interesting more than not. ive had about 100 matches ive played VS other people's squads. i have a 100 win 0 lose on my own. but when my squad plays without me i have a few more losses. otherwise though it's easily an 89.0 ratio for w/l. idk how anyone can lose to a squad team tbh.... they're still bots, still predictable no matter the class layout. if you know the maps well, you will always win.

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                                        i would love to see the xp cap removed or at least raised..its really annoying that safeguard doesnt have a cap but everything else on squads does

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                                          It's a welcome addition, but it doesn't compare to real multiplayer.