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    ps4 framerate problem

      hi i was just wonderng if there is going to be a patch released anytime soon to fix the framerate problems for the ps4 version, the game has been out over a month and it still isnt fixed, can it be fixed??
      its just totally unacceptable to have framerate problems on a multi-player game, i get framerate problems all the time, stonehaven map is a mess.


      its nothing to do with my connection i  have super fast fibre optic broadband and all my other games including other call of duty titles (on xbox 360) work perfectly, the call of duty ghost servers are very good i never disconnect and have excellent lag free connectoins its just the framrate problem its driving me nuts i feel like trading the game and alot of my friends feel the same way, will u please reply to this thread or am i just wasting my time here?