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    Clan A-Team 94 is looking for more members! [PS3]

      [USA] [AT94] [PS3]


      Clan A-Team 94 would like to build up our clan! We only have 4 members at the moment but we're looking to expand. We don't care what your k/d ratio is, as long as you're helping out in games and not spinning around in circles doing nothing, then it's all good. We play any game mode we feel like but when clan wars come by we all are expected to pitch in if we can. (You don't need the clan wars app, I keep everyone updated on what's going on.) You must have a mic or some form of in-game communication. And you must be 17 or older. (May make exceptions if needed).


      Either pm me or send a message on psn if your interested, and we'll set up a time to play a couple games. (I will not except friend requests unless we add you to the clan.)


      PSN Username: Redemption94