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    killstreak rant


      how come when i call my guard dog in its about as fierce as a poodle with 3 legs and about just as useless yet every other guard dog i run into mauls me to death.


      my god what a useless idiot i get stuck with im sure the ones i call in are either smacked up or drunk and end up dead within seconds while the ones i run into usually put up a pretty good fight.

      while im on about them how many can you have at once ? i had 2 in one game last nite not that they did me any good


      both give you increased health so you can take more hits right well how come i still seem to die just as fast using them than i do without them yet i run into some other people using them and ive got to put a crap load of bullets into them to get a kill or end up dead before i get the chance to finish then off.