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    We may be the clan for you

      Hello there Nightmare is starting to recruit again so if you are interested in joining here are our rules and requirements:


      1. You have at least a 1.35 K/D ratio

      2.You have a working mic (no kinect mic)

      3. You are active anytime but mostly at night around 10 PM central time

      4. You are the age of 16+ (If under 18 you must be mature)

      5. You are able to take a joke bc we are very sarcastic

      6.You are a TDM player

      7. You won't rage quit, take losses and negative games like a man


      All we ask is that you meet these requirements and if you do you will have to play with either myself (kjculp93), Wookie Krisp or AvEnGeDSvNFoLD to get in and if you rage quit don't even bother messaging us.


      So if interest message me (kjculp93), Wookie Krisp or AvEnGeDSvNFoLD

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