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    Is the mortar team hack going to be fixed?

      Is the Mortar Team/Nova Gas hack ever going to be fixed? Just about every game I go into this happens. It's getting very annoying. One of my favorite COD games is quickly becoming my least.

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          I guess not. Treyarch probably has better things to do, like developing the next cod game probably. I wish they would though.


          If you're on Xbox, the best thing you can do is file a complaint, report in game, and submit a player review for unsporting conduct so you can avoid all the people that decide to use it.

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            I recently purchased Black Ops, maybe a month ago, so I was late to the party.. My first ever game to buy was Black Ops 2.. I play college baseball and had to have several orthopedic surgeries, and this was a way to pass the time.. I love Black Ops 2.. Awesome game that was easy enough for me to learn.. One of my teammates told me to get Black Ops so I did.. I had NEVER seen a hacker in Black Ops 2.. Ever.. Have seen way too many boosters in BO2, and modded controllers in BO2, but never any hackers.. Within 2 days of playing Black Ops, I had seen 3-4 hackers.. This hack was in the first 4 games I ever played.. I thought it was part of it and then saw this thread and realized it was a hack.. I've also ran into someone playing "invisible" 2 different times.. I contacted Xbox Live both times.. I figured this hack would be gone by now, but as of night before last, it's still going on.. I was playing Domination at Summit and it put me in to a game with this happening to my team.. No wonder there were open slots, right?? So I tried to finish the game since there were only a few minutes left, but it wasn't happening.. I back out and played TDM and all was well.. Went back to Domination later on, and same thing happens.. Domination on Summit and this time it's my team doing it.. 2 guys.. Only I was also affected by the gas.. It was ridiculous.. Took me a few minutes to realize it was my teammates doing it, because I couldn't move or see well either.. So I wound up backing out and turning the game off.. Haven't turned it back on since.. I hope they will do something about this crap.. It sucks