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    Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

      Now I don't pretend to be the worlds foremost expert on rushing.  However, I do rush from time to time.  So these are my thoughts on why rushers do what they do.  Before I get started I'll tip my hat to my friend G whose "Inside the mind of a Camper" threads inspired this post.  Now back to topic.  First, this is not inside the mind of a headless chicken.  That would be too short of a discussion.  This is for the guys that rush and do very well at it.


      The rusher in general likes a lot of action but more importantly he bases his game plan on catching his opponent off guard.  Unlike camping which depends on controlling a particular area(s) of the map, the rusher is primarily focused on getting behind enemy lines as quickly as possible so that he can defeat the enemy strongholds and disrupt map control for the enemy.  Rushers will flank relentlessly and if they get behind enemy lines they can wipe out entire teams in the blink of an eye.  I can't tell you the number of times that I've come up on a enemy team that has posted up and is actively engaging my team rather successfully in head to head combat.  But when I come up behind them and drop the one guy that is watching their backside, the whole team is soon to fall.  Once this happens spawns tend to flip and the ensuing chaos can cripple the enemy team via random spawns provided your own team can pick up the flip.


      Like I said, the rusher wants to be inside of enemy territory.  He will use speed perks, weapons and routes designed to get into places faster than you think that he can.  This gives him a huge advantage in the gun fight because quite frankly you aren't expecting him to be there yet.  He will often run a silencer on his weapon but often he doesn't run off the grid.  The reason being is that the silencer allows him to take down groups of enemies quickly without being noticed and he fully intends to use his ping on the radar do distract his foes.  You have to remember that the Sat Com ping isn't in real time.  It is often just reporting your position about a second ago.  The rusher is on the move at all times.  So he knows that someone will be approaching where he was.  He uses this to his advantage.  He will take his kill and then proceed to make a quick getaway along a flank route designed to limit his exposure to enemies but also to provide him access to get behind those that are chasing his red dot.  Real time map awareness is critical to successful rushing.  At some point he is going to turn on his enemies and make them pay for chasing his red dot.


      Now to take a look at how rushers affect different game modes.  TDM is a pretty obvious one.  His tactics if successful will put him in position for a high number of multi-kills to a low number of deaths.  In KC this along with his desire for close combat engagements and speed perks puts him in a great position to pick up tags.  In DOM, this guy may or may not be a flag capper but he naturally will provide a distraction to the enemy which often will allow for flags to be capped.  An enemy that gets shot in the back too much on the way to a flag will at some point forget about the flag and find that rusher before moving on.


      So there's my first read through on Rusher phycology 101.  I've probably left out some important details along the way.  But that's where you guys can help me to better define why successful rushers do what they do.  Personally, I enjoy rushing but my playstyle overall is a blend of rushing and camping techniques.  I find that to be most effective for me and that's what is most important.  Knowing what works for you and applying it.  However, I do think that it helps to have an understanding of what the other guy is thinking.  If for no other reason but to better prepare your own game plan on how to defeat him.

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          1. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

          Pretty spot on, phxs.


          I would like to throw caution in assuming what perks a rusher will use. The skilled rusher, IMO, regardless of what perks or weapons he chooses, he's going to be successful. The reason is because he's going to play to what he has available. And what is available, as you point out, is not just his perks, weapons, etc. ... it is also the map itself.


          One thing that is 100% guaranteed when it comes to rushers? Where no one else is on the map? He's coming from that direction. And having someone "watch the flank" is risky business because the rusher is expecting that guy to be there. Expecting him to be there, the rusher usually already has several ideas on how he's going to deal with that guy.


          Rushers, I'd say, are extremely tactical, too. He'll forego the objective, he'll even forego kills in favor of a larger action that will have a direct impact on the outcome of the match.


          And does he fade heat! "You just let me die!"


          No, you let yourself die. I've got a bigger objective than making sure your buttt is covered.

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            2. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

            Let me add something you forgot:


            Inside the mind of the rusher is a phrase that is ready to fire off : "Fckin campers!"

            The rusher will say this anytime he is killed by someone who is stationary for more than 2 seconds.

            He will say this anytime he is killed by someone in the same area twice.

            He will say this even when he is camping because he is tired of rushing around and getting killed, but since he sucks at camping, he will die and thus the phrase is used.

            He will say this whenever he is sniped.

            He will say this to anyone using a thermal scope.

            He will say this to anyone shooting outside a window.

            He will say this to anyone who ADS's around a corner because he is too stupid to do so himself and expects no one else to be smart enough to do it.

            He will say this to anyone who does not play the way he plays.

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              3. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

              Sorry but those tend to apply more so to those that simply have difficulty accepting defeat.  It's more of a community issue over a playstyle one.  Some rushers have no issue accepting that they got outplayed just as some campers have no issue doing the same.

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                4. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

                Good points in all.  Rushers often will pass up a single kill to get a multikill.  Sometimes even at the expense of their own teammates.  What can I say it's a cold world that we live in.  I really couldn't find anything about your post that I wouldn't agree with.  Thank you for filling in some things that I left out.

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                  5. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

                  I disagree with you Sannji. I disagree for the very reason that I accept, defend, and use both playstyles. To me, they are inseparable, camping and rushing. I've rushed entire games, wiped out enemy teams three times in a row by rushing ... then stopped for a full minute to develop a new plan of attack, realizing that the other team has caught on to how I'm taking them down.


                  It's adapting on the fly, not merely adapting to the game.

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                    6. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

                    Y'all ought not to take a post like that so seriously considering I'm obviously making fun of a stereotype.

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                      7. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

                      Not a problem Sannji.  I figured that you were joking but some folks actually feel that way and as I said, its a community issue even though some would like to think that it's a playstyle issue.  So I felt compelled to say so.

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                        8. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

                        I rush for one reason:

                        I don't want campers to set up near the objectives, and enjoy winning head to head combats a whole lot more than fights at an advantage or disadvantage.


                        Campers are always at an advantage, but will lose the game unless their team gets the objectives.

                        Team deathmatch is fundamentally flawed because it does not have an attack and a defense phase:

                        It does not make any sense to allow one team to camp for the entire game and rewarding them with a win for their effort.


                        Why oh why isn't team deathmatch round-based?

                        Attackers: Scores 2 points from killing defenders

                        Defenders: Scores 1 point from killing attackers, loses 1 point for dying.

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                          9. Re: Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

                          You're the very reason I'm not liking Call of Duty more and more.


                          WTF are you talking about, "I don't get TDM?"


                          Listen to what you're saying: Campers are always at an advantage


                          But there's no defense phase to the game.


                          Yeah. Oh, yeah, that makes perfect sense.

                          TDM is the most popular game mode. Always has been. There ain't nothing wrong with TDM. Don't fix stuff that ain't broken.


                          edit - added the word "not" in my opening sentence

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