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    What are you expecting in next title?


      Hi people, I was pondering on whether or not the the next title will include the original four, new four or completely new characters. Also if any of the current storyline will be included?


      So what I want to ask you is what are you expecting?

      I Feel that the story has gotten too complicated to be continued however I still want answers to what happened with original four and storyline in General, this seems to be a bit of a dilemma, will you be happy with a fresh story and characters?

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          Well looking at origins i expect some dragons, sharks with laser beams and maybe Gandalf.

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            Well if you watch the origins video sam says eddie will be in control, so i would say rictofen is demonic announcer, and i have no clue who the playable characters will be. Idk if the tranzit crew died after buried or not, so maybe them, with rictofen in samuels body. Also, buried showed the next maps loading screen to include a blueprint.

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              No more bs lava maps.


              Possibly a 6 man coop squad given that the game will be on next gen platforms. Having four on big maps sucked when people go down. Having more people might help with getting assistance more quickly.


              No more freezing.

              Dedicated servers. The list can go on.

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                  I Would prefer just four players for the main mode as we know it, especially as EEs can require multiple players, to require more than four is too much, I dislike having to need four players to complete. However other new modes I can see it can be fun, as long as it doesn't mean more chance of raging/connection issues making the game unplayable...

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                  All I really want is customization. The "Custom Games" in Black Ops 2 was a big joke all you could do is decide to go to Easy or Original biggest joke of a so Custom Games section.

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                    1. you know when a zombie is injured and you go too far? well I wouldn't like it to die when walked too far....


                    2. i would like it if zombies respawned when the map/world kills the zombie, instead of the idea of killing the zombie completely .( for example. the robot kicks or steps on the zombie)


                    3.make jug easy to get to on solo. (just solo)

                    4. spawn reincarnated teammate to a jug or a nearby gun


                    5. guns on walls in every section not always amazing guns..... i like the idea of duplicating wall guns.... like a secound mp40 on the wall


                    6. main story and individual side quests

                    7. kill streaks..... like every 500, 100, 50per person or team kills you  gets death machines, or randomized wounder weapon for as much ammo as given without max ammo's. OR a randomized perk that gets stronger for each individual player. OR attacking dogs, zombie V.s, Zombie.

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                        1. I completely agree with this one


                        2. I would be bothered either way, it could help stop exploits so yeah could be worth considering


                        3. I personally dis agree with this one, if your struggling to get to jug on solo then maybe use the lower difficulty option


                        4. Yes, a set spawn or ability to choose who you spawn next to would be welcome


                        5. Couldn't care less, I would rather leave decisions like this to the devs


                        6. We have a main story, admit tingly I would like it to be executed better, and solo quests to give more info on the specific character you play sounds great


                        7. Not a fan of this one, WaW and BO had a winning formula, I don't want to see new features like this really, just alterations and variations on what we have already


                        thanks for sharing your thoughts

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                        Being my favorite game mode to play, I wouldn't like to see the formula change much. With that being said though, if they do want to "re-vamp" the formula, then I'd like to see a large open world style map... It'd be cool if we had a huge map, instead of round based, it was based on time survived... Maybe with DLC open up new areas. I'm not necessarily talking about a GTA size map, but maybe one 4-5x the size of Tranzit. Add more weapons, more traps, more buildables, and maybe even Dead Rising style "buildable weapons". Maybe a "bus style" mode of transport. What Tranzit was intended to be. I love what we have now, but too much more of it and it will get stale. I'd like a re-structure, but not exactly something completely on the other end of the spectrum. Large maps with time based games would be the right direction to go IMO.

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                          I would like to see varying difficulty of the EE depending on the number of people playing. I really dont like how they require 4 people to do now.

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                            I think they will ditch their idea of Origins. It was stated to be an alternate reality.


                            They will continue with Buried.


                            The game will be much improved. I can see it on average to be as good as Battlefield 4 in terms of graphics (NOT GAMEPLAY).

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                                I Agree with you on the origins, I read something from treyarch stating it was in an alternate reality ( sort of implying that it was  a reality alternate to all the other maps, which means they are all in the same reality, bar MotD maybe). Carrying on from buried seems a very plausible thing to do. Richthofen being in Samuels body seemingly the most certain thing we can expect to see next game.

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                                Disappointment...I'll be waiting until after it's launch to see if it's worth buying, I'm still burned from all the money I spent on BO2.


                                They need to can the new groups story, just let it be.

                                They need to not make it not such a chore to find all the perks, still only have four buyable but no more wunderfizz or only making it possible to get through EE steps.


                                Let the maps be about playablility, let the EE be secondary to the gameplay (no more EE inspired WWs)


                                And more story story story

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                                  I see the story like this. What we have been playing this whole time is Samantha's and Eddy's game. Their game is the alternate reality to whats really happening. And after the ending cut scene in origins their game is a fantasy of what they want to happen in reaction to whats really going on in their actual life. In the cut scene there seems to be some type of disaster what I believe is an actual zombie apocalypse. The characters we have been playing as are the heroes Sam and Eddy want in real life to help defend against the real life zombies. The part where she says her dad has a.plan leads me even further to belive that this is true and in the next set of zombie maps we will be playing as actual people in Sam's and Eddy's real world instead of their imaginary heroes. Therefore Maxis, Sam's dad will still be a main character with potential for Sam and Eddy from the cut scene to be playable characters. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any feedback or thoughts on my theory.

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                                    First i really want that on the next cod will be zombies, cause is not sure.


                                    btw i like zombies as it is, i don't really want too many changes but i'd like to have multiplayer maps on zombies, like nuketown i don't mean every map, just two or 3 maybe a dlc about multiplayer maps on zombies like they did on bo1 a dlc just for us zombie player


                                    Another thing is to make a room of 8 players at least on next gen consoles. after those 2 things in my opinion zombies is just perfect as it is (unlike multiplayer)