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    I would like to thank the makers of this game...

      After playing Domination tonight on Sovereign....I played against 5 guys....not 1 or 2...but 5....with riot shield/C4 class.  They would storm B, put backs to the wall, and begin the C4 extravanga.  Blast shield as well...


      Nothing brings me more join than to unload a clip into a riot shield....equipped with RADAR...to have a C4 thrown at me like a Nolan Ryan fastball.


      Truly...you guys have a great game here.  Thank you for allowing kids who are terrible shooters to find some exploit and thrive.  Amazing game you have here....I cant wait for the next CoD....with a C4 launcher and shield combined, just like the big ass gun from American Gladiator in the early 90s.  I applaud you.


      Halo 5.....is available when?  (and Halo isn't the greatest either)

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