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    PC Player Considering Consoles

      First off I love CoD, I like my PC, but I hate the hackers not to mention all the other porting problems. Literally you cannot find a clean lobby in Ghosts and it's to the point where our player count has been driven into the dirt and even if 100% of the porting problems disappeared overnight the game still would be unplayable (no IAC). I'm legit and I'm struggling just to retain a positive KDR, but in BO2 my gun only KDR with most guns was >2.0; I cannot compete with a Waller & AimBotter and I refuse to hack I have a clean Steam account and it will forever remain that way.


      Question -- How's it like to play Ghosts on the Xbox??

      Question -- Are there many cheaters??

      Question -- What's the learning curve using a controller??


      Many Thanks!

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          Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

          Hi Momba1,


          I was a PC gamer for years before coming over to Xbox.  Its great but like anything there are swings and roundabouts.

          The Xbox community is a lot younger and imo a hell of a lot ruder.  Unless you are in party chat with friends, be prepared for a lot of trash talking!


          I find it more comfortable to play on the console as I can chill on the sofa rather than being hunched at your pc desk.


          You do get hackers but way less than pc - hacking on a console results in a console ban making it far more risky for idiots doing so.


          A controller is not as accurate as a mouse and keyboard and does take some time to get used to.  I would say honestly it took me a good month of high usage to be totally comfortable with it.  Have you used a controller on any previous systems?

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              Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

              Yes I've used a controller and I was like a Jerry's kid derping around but my time was very limited. Also yes I noticed the youthful hormones and no brain-to-mouth governor which is the reason I always ran right back to my PC. I'm an older guy with a daughter that plays on the Xbox. My 'plan' was to wait 2-3 months and get a 'next gen' (laugh) console. I've heard that the PS4 has native KB/M support but the Dev needs to enable it to be used. I've also thought about a 'converter' but I've seen hate threads about its use.


              My thoughts are if I can Mute all of the players I can still play in some resemblance of peace. BO2 was great on the PC but OMG Ghosts is a hack fest and the only, I'm totally serious here, game types you can play are TDM & DOM ... that's it. Last night there were ~4K online and exaggerating low 20% were hacking and some were ridiculous about it, giving new meaning to the term 'obvious.' I'd say I was in 4-5 forfeited games in TDM.

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                  Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                  With regards to 'next gen' I'm going to wait at least a year.  It sounds like theres quite a few teething problems on both systems.


                  You'll get the hang of the pad, these 3rd party mouse keyboard converters are rubbish and suffer with input lag anyways.


                  Just stick at it.  Perhaps practice on squads and bots first until you feel comfortable enough with the pad to play mp.


                  If you are looking for xbl buddies feel free to add me UK ScorpZ, I'm sure others on here will be happy to help you get started also.  Best of luck!

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                  Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                  I agree about the **** talking. I sometimes do a lot of muting. Mostly super high pitched little twerps, who's balls haven't dropped yet. Also, some a holes who make the most noise possible, just to piss everybody off.


                  Though, sometimes it's amusing to hear the frustration and constant cussing when somebody gets killed multiple times.


                  Also, is it just me or was it way easier to mute somebody in previous versions of COD?

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                    Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                    If you go Console you better hope you win the lag lotto or like feeding other players easy kills cause that's the reality of IW games.

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                    Re: PC Player Considering Consoles



                    But in all seriousness, dunno about the learning curve, cheaters are pretty rare even though they seem to be more common than in the past.

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                      Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                      Hey Momba1,

                      I've seen you all over the PC forums..

                      I'm a long time PC player, CS mostly. But now I play both PC and XBOX. PC I only use for Private matches and scrims due to the cheating epidemic that is getting worse everyday, and XBOX is for pubs.

                      XBOX is great. I used a controller for a few weeks and got decent at it, but then got a XIM (adapter) and it is back to business as usual. They really work well, and you barely can tell a difference. Really you just need to make sure you have a m/kb that work with it. The info is on the site XIM3.com

                      I would recommend to anyone that is annoyed with the hackers as much as i was to get a 360 for ghost.. They are super cheap right now but if you'd rather use next gen, i'd wait until they release the adapter.

                      Any more questions about the convert let me know..



                      PS to answer your questions:

                      Xbox's graphics are slightly worse.

                      Almost no cheating- in comparison it would feel like none.

                      Controllers frustrated me because of how well i knew i could do with a kb/m. There are players (thanks to aim-assist) that compare (in some ways) to the aiming skill of PC players (see 'themarkofJ' ) he's as good with a controller as i am with a kb/m accuracy wise. Although, the main difference is on choosing where you hit the target (like the head), aim-assist just drags to center of mass.

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                          Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                          Listen by far I'm no 'PC Snob' I have a good PC for doing work when I'm at home (PHP/SQL) + toss-in a couple decent GPU's and ta-da 'gaming PC.' When I say I suck using a controller I'm being kind; you'd cry on the floor laughing. If I can just sit in a corner and everyone walk in front of me then aces. The thing that I like about PC over Consoles is sitting my big rear in a chair and using input devices that I'm use to.


                          No da the PC is wreaked all to hell with hackers, I mean forget a clean lobby which you'll never find, the a-holes just are beyond Obvious to the point of Silly Ridiculousness and even laughable hacking.


                          My concern is I have a nice Dell 2560x1440 which is good for work more so than competitive FPS gaming working off a Console (yes it has an HDMI input), and what I'd really like to do is simply place a Console next to my PC, and play with as little effort as possible. Sadly in most lobbies hitting the mute-all. Yes I've seen and know about the X*M.


                          The thing I miss more than any single thing is my Steam buddies -- shooting the sh*t while shooting folks in the face for XP. It simply is NO FUN playing PC CoD and OMG Ghosts is totaled and my $120 for Hardened ... poof up in smoke.


                          /edit/ as far as the XBone ... I was an early adopter of the Red Ring ... so I'll wait for a while.

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                          Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                          I think you'll be quite happy switching to XBox... not nearly as complicated as PC. Fun to just turn it on and jump in a few matches.


                          As an older player (Thirties), I recommend HC modes just because it seems, at least from my experience, that there is a slightly more mature crowd. I have heard folks talk about cheaters and hackers, and while I have suspected some, I have never been in an obviously modded lobby. Of course it is to each his own... but just my observations.


                          Question -- How's it like to play Ghosts on the Xbox??- So far so good for me. Matchmaking has been quick and fairly balanced, and can't beat the ease of use

                          Question -- Are there many cheaters??- Have suspected some players, but never seen a Modded Lobby in HC modes.

                          Question -- What's the learning curve using a controller?? Not as bad as you might think. I would recommend playing either private matches against the Bots or Squads mode to get the hang of it.

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                            Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                            To your last question.  I think you'll be as good as you are on the PC.  You'll get used to the controls over time. 

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                              Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                              Another good thing about having a console is you free up you're PC for other, perhaps more important, things.  Also, consoles offer other entertaining things besides games. 

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                                Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                                I use to play COD on PC until MW3. The cheating was completely out of hand.I switched over to xbox and it was the best move I made for COD. COD PC crowd is ever shrinking. I was reading the steam forums the other day and someone wrote that the peak number of players one day for ghosts  was 15,000 which is ridiculously low.  So far I have encountered little cheating on xbox playing the last 3 COD releases. Cheating on consoles usually revolves around boosting (no big deal imo), lag switching and glitching. Generally the on PC is real cheating with aimbots, wallhacks, ect. Penalties for cheating are more severe on console than PC where it is trivial to start a new account.


                                Besides lack of cheating there are FAR more console players so matchmaking is never a problem. The crowd is younger and there is a lot of people using foul language, playing music in the background and annoying things but I just mute them out. Joining a clan is probably a better way but I don't get to get on very much these days so I usually do pubs.


                                You can avoid the controller issues by using KB/mouse converter. They are not  exactly like on PC but they are 90% which is good enough IMO and much better than I will ever be on a controller. Note that you have to spend quite a bit of time tweaking these things to get them the way you want and it will never give you the same twitch control as a PC because you are still limited by what the console allows you to do.

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                                  Re: PC Player Considering Consoles

                                  I switched from PC to console gaming about 10 years ago and have never looked back. Though I have to say, I have yet to feel as comfortable with the controller as I did with a mouse and kb. Then again, those were my best years of gaming reflex wise as I am soon to be 47.


                                  Concerning immature trash talking, get a headset is my advice. You can turn down the chat volume as needed and your child won't hear a word wether you do or not.

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