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    Inside the Mind of a Tactical Player

      Alright so I got the inspiration for making this thread from ghamorra and Phxs72. I am going to tell you everything that's inside the mind of a successful tactical player basically the Tactical Player is a player that isn't bound by an style of play or bound by the objective of a game mode but will use all styles of play and try to get kills while playing the objective. Now keep in mind I am not about a specific style of play otherwise this discussion would end in a heart beat or become a flame war lol. The tactical player uses the best play style for the best map or the best situation. They don't care how others play but will try to break them of that habit forcefully with their own tactics. They overcome and adapt to any situation during the game instead of after the game. The Tactical Player has many objectives playing the objective in a game mode being one of them. The Tactical Player also uses team work to their advantage.


      When it comes to play styles I am not bound by one I like to use them all whenever I can. I sometimes combine them as well in Strike Zone I took over the bar instead aiming outside or sticking to an area of the bar I rushed each opening from the inside stopping all players from entering the bar so basically I was camping and rushing at the same time in close quarters. I even like to use play styles like the Zen Master basically you can't sprint ever and you cannot use a suppressed weapon but you have to use Dead Silence  you must always keep moving but it doesn't matter how slow you move and you can never use lethal score streaks that's how Zen Master is. Which is one of the examples of the way I play. Basically the Tactical Player uses play styles when they are needed most for the situation or the map. Now when I say forcefully try to break them of that habit I am talking about either taking their camping spot from them or crossing the rushers path and stopping them there.


      Overcoming any situation is a bit tricky to master but it can be done with the correct load outs instead of only having the best guns I use the guns that are right for a situation. Basically a load out for each play style so that if something becomes useless to use all I have to do is switch. Domination for instance lets say my team is having trouble capturing B I will switch to a load out that's specifically for capturing or playing the objective so that I can help my team succeed. Another way I adapt is team work which I mentioned above when I say team work it can be many things such as following a team mate around who is having trouble getting kill or score when there is an objective. Or it could be clearing a room just enough for my team to take control. Another way I try to help my team is by playing the objective over getting kills so that my team isn't overwhelmed by enemy players when it comes to winning. I also have a load out specifically designed for helping my team basically it's anything I can use to expose the enemy to my team mates from perks to equipment to score streaks they are all designed to reveal the enemy location. Basically I am the all around player who uses team work to my advantage to maximize my team's performance.


      The objectives of a tactical player are simple one of them is playing the objective on an objective based game mode. Another one is to maximize team performance which is used in TDM. My objective in games where the enemy is dominating my team is creating as much chaos as possible in a controlled situation to create order for my team. My objective when it's evenly matched is to get an edge and keep it there to promote order for the rest of the game. Now if my team is winning then my objective is to keep peace and order for my team and make sure they stay low for instance if my team has two flags in Domination I will not join them at the half way mark I will continue to guard the A or B flag. Basically a Tactical player is someone who is not bound by one style of play but will use them all in any situation best for them and they play the objective but at the same time they are getting kills and they are about team work but will go solo if best for the team.


      Correct me if I am wrong about anything or add to the discussion about you tactically play or you can add anything that I missed.