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    Intuition Gaming Recruiting Individuals/Clans

      Intuition Gaming is recruiting now.  We are recruiting individual gamers and smaller clans for clan wars. We are a Platinum ranked clan and have all ready won a war. Overall we are clan level 18 and we have 70 members. This recruitment add is for very active gamers who will participate daily both on the game and on our site. So if you are interested please go to http://www.intuitiongaming.enjin.com and fill out a Ghost recruitment form under the UIG tab and you will hear back from a clan leader.



      1. Must be at least 17 years old

      2. Have a minimum K/D ratio (Kill/Death) of 1.00+

      3. You many not be in any other clans

      4. Play on Xbox 360 (we currently do not operate on any other systems)

      5. Be active (on XBL and the website)

      6. Be mature and respectful to your fellow UIG members

      7. Have a mic and be willing to communicate (use call outs, and coordinate in game with UIG youth members)

      8. NO modding, glitching, boosting or cheating in any way

      9. NO trash talking, excessive complaining or bad sportsmanship

      10. Must put UIG as your clan tag (no exceptions)


      What are site offers:

      -User friendly site with 35 pages dedicated to COD


      -Member spotlight

      -Gamebattles team

      -Free downloads

      -Ranks and awards

      -In clan video editing/livestream graphics