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    Can't find a game in hardcore game modes?

      So ever since MW2 or 3 I don't remember, I've primarily been a hardcore game type player. I've never really had an issue in games previously, such as Black Ops 2, however, I've just purchased this game... and I'm immediately regretting it.


      I've got a little over 2 hours played in game, and approximately 50-60% of that has been waiting for a game. I've literally been in queue for around 30 minutes for hardcore TDM right now.


      I understand that this isn't a peak hour to play at perhaps, but there are virtually no other players online right now. Is this a normal thing? Currently, more people are playing Black Ops 2 on PC then Ghosts.


      Why am I paying for a game that I apparently am going to be unable to play due to me playing frequently during this hour? If this is how the game is going to be constantly I will definitely be pursuing a refund, as this is just simply pathetic.