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    Dealing With IED's


      I have seen many post on this forum complaining about this particular explosive being too powerful and needing a nerf.  So, I thought I would put together a short guide on how to deal with them.  First of all, IED are not over powered.  They cost one of your 12 slot points to have one and 3 slot points to have 2.  Also, unlike Black ops 2 there is no way to restore them, so if an opponent is willing to spend 25% of their class I don't see a problem with a piece of equipment getting them up to two kills for it.  The reason people hate them so much is that they will end an assult or specialist kill streak and they are a one hit kill. If you really care about your streak that much you should take some precautions.


      If you are at full health with Blast sheild, you will survive an IED even if you are standing dead center on it when it goes off and it's user has danger close equipped. The perk is a very economic solution to the problem at 6 squad points and 2 perk points. The problem is that not may players use explosives in ghost and most players would rather have other perks, so the benifit isn't as tangable as in other COD games. If you are running specialist, Blast shield should be the first perk you unlock in your streak.  Sit rep offers another counter, but it too has a similar cost with less than ideal benifits.


      I know many players don't like to run these perks, but it is possible to deal with IED's without them.  Once you know another player is running IED's on a map you need to adjust your play style a little.  Do not sprint in any area where you think there might be one.  Just walk normally, when you trigger an enemy IED, it beeps 3 times before it blows up about 1 second later. When you hear the first beep, you need to IMMEDIATELY push your left stick in the exact opposite direction you were moving.  If you are fast enough, not sprinting and at full health this will get you out of the blast radius far enough for you to live through the detonation.  This technique requires quick reflexes on the conroller and takes some time to master. Load up a private offline game and put in about half an hour of practice and you should get the hang of it.


      Note, that after you take the blast however, you will be wounded to the point that one bullet from any weapon will finish you off. So you need to retreat and heal or you are going to die anyways.  However, this offers you a counter to this piece of equipment that doesn't need any perks to do it. 

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          The biggest problem with IED's is that they are not limited to being placed on the ground were as in the past people after a while become accustomed to equipment being placed in doorways or in other places on the ground.


          Clyamores the red sensors would give them away. Bouncing Betties circular black disk just sitting on a blue carpet in nuketown. These things had obvious characteristics that good players could look for.


          IED's however can be placed anywhere and they are toss and forget. This is the biggest issue unless you run sit rep or blast shield which in the past there was a non perk method to countering these items.


          C4's at least you have to manually blow them but IED's just feel like IW was trying to make and explosive that you HAD to use a perk to counter it which if you dont then your a free classless kill for someone who is no where around.


          Balance would be if they Beep every so often regardless if an enemy is around.

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              Smart players placed a claymore so that by the time you saw any part of it, there was no escape.

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                  thats impossible.


                  if u placed a claymore too close to a doorway people had time to run passed it before it could kill them so u had to place way out in the open so that if theyre sprinting they have to be right on top of the claymore by the time it blows up.


                  These IEDs are wayy too strong, the radius to kill is too big.

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                      Thats why you placed it smartly. It was rare that I ever managed to run past a claymore in BO2. They were so superior to betties that in all honesty I was shocked that they weren't more common. IEDs are countered easily with a 2 point perk. Blast shield renders them utterly redundant. If you refuse to run Blast Shield when you KNOW the enemy is using IEDs then more fool you.

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                  Blast shield is a necessity, if you don't run with it prepare yourself for the consequences of frequent deaths due to I.E.D's.


                  Otherwise, good post.

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                    i dont think there op i just think the radius needs to be redused you can just enter a room and the ied on the otherside of the room will start going off and hurt you

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                      I.E.D's are a load of ****... why should you HAVE to equip a pert to counter something... every game I go into I get either spawned on an I.E.D or here one bleep and then I'm dead... they are OP in regards to the time it takes to trigger and explode.


                      C4 is **** in this game the blast radius is stupid and they never blow anyone up as they are too week. I C4 on BO2 snd MW3 and loved them both.


                      This game however just feels rushed and unfinished... It's a shame all IW think about in money or this could be a real good game.

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                        The only real problem with IEDs is spawning on them.