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    Operations - Whats the plan.

      Its been a month and a half and going on 2 months with still no fix...  a day after this started happening I was told in a post by support that they would update us with any progress.  So a month and a half later any updates or am I to take it that there has been zero progress made on this issue over the course of 45 days?


      I also notice that in every post there is a support admin telling the OP to "check his private messages" not sure exactly what this is about but I would love a private message of my own, if that's what it is going to take to sort this out I will have my friends who are having the same issue make posts on here as well.

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          Re: Operations - Whats the plan.

          Hey Oldurtay,


          I understand how frustrating it may be to not be able to access your Operations. Unfortunately, there has not been updates on this issue yet. Please check your private message and reply when you get a chance.




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