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        20. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

        these sound like great fixes/changes!! cant wait to see them in effect!! I cant wait to try that new mode too!! On the note of Modes....can you guys please consider bringing back face-off like in MW3?? i have a lot of friends that agree that face off would be very welcomed back in CoD....we all miss 2v2/3v3....and the small maps/lobbies!! please consider it!! love ya CoD!!

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          21. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

          why reduce quickdraw perk with a sniper it doesn't seem to work anyway. Use quickdraw have the same weapon as the enemy yet they get their guns up faster when they don't use quickdraw. There are a fair few problems enemies can one shot people no matter what gun they use from pistols fair does if its the magnum, to smgs also assault rifles so on and no its not on hardcore. Then when killing the enemy I have used two underbarrel grenade launchers with two thermobaric grenades, the person didn't have blast shield on either and they did not die fair enough if it takes one underbarrel grenade and one thermobaric to kill them not two of each and them still not die.

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            22. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

            What about the killstreaks ???? The most important killstreaks (The Helo Pilot and the Loki) suck....by suck i mean that u dont have fun when using them...these and the gryphon move too slow and their damage should be higher...because of these problems people use mostly the dog,the IMS and the jugg maniac or the battle hind.

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              23. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

              Thank you for the update and your hard work.  I enjoy this game immensly!


              Question:  Are the Devs looking at the possiblility of adding an option to install textures or the game to the hard drive for PS3?  My PS3 seems to be taking quite a bit of abuse playing this game.  I'm afraid Ghost will be the death of my PS3.


              Happy Holidays!

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                24. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                No new game mode that increases health.  Take care of the other half of the community, the hardcore players first. Core players have a lot different modes to choose from while HC players are screwed once again.  ADD more modes like HC SnD and not replace the ones we already have now. 

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                  25. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                  I Really RESPECT IW and Love Ghosts and i already Got the Season Pass


                  but Please listen to me



                  How about PC Performance lag there is people can't play the Game why you Don't care about PC Gamers


                  really you don't wanna look like DICE have issues with there Game but atleast they do care about PC Gamers  and they  fixed alot of things while Ghosts on PC is Just Worse and you don't care about small amount of PC players i can't know how i can run BF4 on high and running Ghosts on Medium and still getting Frames Drops really this Game is Broken


                  with all do respect

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                    26. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                    Please fix the switch weapon time on the riot shield you shouldn't be able to switch so fast more than ever riot shields piss me off, Increase resistance with Blast Shield. .I've been saying this sense mw2, It'd be cool to try a game mode with no snipers, no shotguns, no riot sheilds, and no explosives except for frag grenades, no equipment except for stuns and flash (9bang). It'd be a safe haven for people to go when they're overly frustrated with troll clans (entire teams using riot sheilds c4 and danger close in search for example) I honestly cant count how many times I just shut my xbox off due to these situations. Overall I love Ghost, and I am happy with the job thats been done so far.

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                      27. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                      Thats for sharing Teanah, the spawn and sniper fixes sound great, the MSBS damage nerf was warranted and justified, although I think its recoil needs to be reduced. The new game mode however sounds awful, I can't get behind increased player health.

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                        28. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                        While most of these changes are welcomed, I really don't see the point in nerfing sniper rifles.  Due to the low player health/high damage guns, sniping is hard enough when you get shot and killed in 2 bullets with no time to react and yet you are further weakening it?


                        Also, no mention of PC changes and updates? Really?  How about you address the main problems that stop people from actually PLAYING the game, rather than gameplay changes.  Even people with high end systems suffer from ridiculous fps drops, stutter and INSANE VRAM usage. Ping, uncapped fps, rentable dedicated servers.....any chance?  Are you just going to ignore these game-breaking issues forever?  I honestly laughed when I heard BF4 getting sued for performance issues with their game, Ghosts has far more bugs and has pathetic performance in comparison, with worse graphics... you guys are probably next in the firing line for a class-action lawsuit.

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                          29. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                          Ok.. why do you guys insist on destroying quickscoping, it's nearly a third of the community. Reg guns are so much more powerful than snipers, why continue to nerf snipers?

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