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        iivrruummii wrote:


        No.  It should be 8v8 in Ground War and 4v4 in Core.

        What? I can see 8v8 in Ground War, especially if it means including current gen consoles. But, 4v4 in Core would almost insure a snoozefest. Maybe in BO2 it would help considering how tiny the maps in BO2 are.

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          You know what?


          vvrrummii and I don't agree on much ... but I DO agree with him here. 8 v 8 would be PERFECT. 9 v 9 would make the maps seem much smaller than they are. 8 v 8 would be perfect.


          Props to ya for that one vvruummii!

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            I rather have the maps be smaller but still have some complexity to them.  I also am a big Halo fan and think that Halo(2 and 3) has had the best matchmaking system to date.

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              Please add the heavy duty mode!!!

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                I doubt it's nearly a third of the community, but if it was then that would be even more of a reason to nerf it. Regular guns are not more powerful than a sniper that can kill you in one shot.

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                  So why are you guys continuing to try to make sniping worse for players who enjoy it? I've been playing squad assault and not been getting my match xp because my current internet it too bad to play online so i play squads to rank up

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                    For the last time.. They aren't trying to make sniping "worse" for anyone. They are using the metrics and statistics they have concerning the current state of sniping and balancing it, just like they would any weapon or weapons class. Good Snipers will not notice a difference.

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                      You're taking their word for that though.  It seems a bit amusing they make a game where real sniping is actually viable since MW2 and then decide to nerf it citing 'metrics' close to DLC sales.  Then they make a heavy duty playlist to appease complainers who can't deal with explosives and players with superior marksmanship.  Didn't they supposedly nerf the suppressor OHK hitboxes when using sniper rifles?  If so, that's appeasing to red dot hunters easily.  I still get as many kills since the 'hotfix' since I'm used to aiming chest high having used the FN Ballista a fair amount in BO2.  IW have never disclosed the full extent of these 'statistics'.  If they're going by how frequently a weapon is used then that can be deceptive.  For example, LMGs are probably only used as much as they are because of Cranked and they are bad compared to previous CODs.  The majority of 3arc LMGs would outclass IW ones by some margin and I'm excluding attachment effects (i.e. thermal in MW3).

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                        @Teanah I will give you constructed and true feedback based on facts, experiences and overall feedback


                        When playing Ghosts core it feels like we are playing Hardcore on MW3, you die way to quick and people start camping because of this and we can't even fight back. Adding the Heavy Duty playlist was a great move but not in the right way. Heavy Duty should have been a new tab like hardcore with multiple modes (TDM, Dom, Ground War). This can still be fixed but I and many other think that the best way is to increase the overall health of the players in all gamemodes. Make the health the same as MW2 or MW3. This was a perfect health because it wasn't too low(ghosts core) or too high(BO2 Core)


                        Infected has been improved a lot and has been a blast since the new weapons but where are the customizable loadouts for infected in Private Match??? Please bring them back they were so much fun to create! Also we are missing gamemodes like GunGame, All or Nothing and One and in the Chamber! We really want more modes like this and we would love to see Headquarters return and the Grind gamemode in Public!


                        DLC is a very important thing for Ghosts because the maps are kinda way to big for 6v6 modes (THE MAJORITY OF GAMEMODES!!). We NEED and MUST get Maps that play very well and fast paced on 6v6 modes. (Also add Warhawk back in Ground War).


                        The Mapdesigns themselves aren't a problem but the useless areas that nobody uses are! The maps are just too big for COD and COD should stay COD and not try to copy other games like battlefield. Make every playlist heavy duty but make the snipers useable (oh and nerf the snipers with it).


                        I hope you guys @InfinityWard will listen and will use our feedback to improve Ghosts very soon with increased health and with very good DLC Maps that fit 6v6 modes! thanks!

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                          don't forget demolition

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