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    I'm a dirty "licensed pleasure giver" and I love it

      I don't wish to get hit with any obscenity charges around here so I tried to make my title as polite as possible.


      I've been using the classic strong arm, reflex, danger close, extra lethal c4 plus shield combo with dual p226s and Ive never felt like such a dirty pleasure giver in my life. I play a lot of Search so its hilarious. This setup has given me rage induced aneurysms that has most likely shaken up even the heavens. I usually refrain from such classes such as mp40 Jugg in world at war, but this is just a different degree of crazy.


      It pisses me off so bad, this setup in particular. It was bad enough for me in Blops 2 because c4 spam was at its all time high. Combined with the perks of Ghosts and the shield, it's a new level of ridiculous. So C4 has already had a bad taste in mouth. So I tried to counter it. I usually had a class for Search that included a Kastet, Thermobarics x2, Danger Close and Recon. It worked alright since most shielders don't run blast shield. However, unless you walk around ads'd with a kastet all day, you won't be able to do much. And if you do just walk around with a kastet, it's just going to make kids cry to IW until they nerf Launchers into Oblivion and make it 50x worse than they were in Black Ops, or they are just going to run Kastets as well in retaliation and the last thing I need is more people running explosives because I'm using them just to counter that 1 guy using the shield. Very messy situation.


      I never ran this setup because I felt like I was better than that, but screw that. What good will digital honor do me anyways? My SnR experience has been magnificent and it's just bloody beautiful. I've never done so good, either. After the first round of Snr, my entire team left, and I managed to pull it to a 3-4 loss and I only lost because I decided to use my MAAWS instead of sticking to what I was doing.


      To anyone who defends this setup, THANK YOU!!!! The more support it gets, perhaps its less likely it'll get patched.


      I've never felt so ashamed and dirty in my life! Bad kids like me deserve all the hate I get, and if the messages are to be believed, my homosexuality has only multiplied.


      Now if only I had a group of 6 to run with, that'd be beautiful, LOL! That'd be a sight to see!