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        20. Re: Does K/D really matter?

        KD does not matter in any game mode what so ever (for as long as it is positive).

        It CAN tell something about a player, but only in one single game mode:


        Team deathmatch.

        But like I said, it doesn't really matter in any game mode.


        Team deathmatch score list:

        18-12 (1.5)

        16-12 (1.25)

        10-18 (0.55)

        10-5 (2.0)

        5-10 (0.5)


        Free for all score list:






        Both illustrate my point of why a positive KD matters more than a high KD, even though a high KD is better than a lower positive on average.

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          21. Re: Does K/D really matter?

          There have been games in the past that have succeeded without the need of stats both financially and with a strong playerbase. I'm confident players would welcome a change to seeing less emphasis on stats in COD and just playing simply for the fun of the game. Sure, people like using stats to compare but I don't see it as a big deal if one day the developers decided to remove game statistics. 


          Don't get me wrong, I like winning and doing well but I try not to make a big deal when matches don't go my way. At the end of the day, video games are a form of entertainment but not something to dwell over too much whether it is seeing your K/D drop by 0.01 or losing a match.

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            22. Re: Does K/D really matter?

            You can always skew something to the extreme. Personally I have never seen someone with a 7 K/D in TDM. Of the 1000 matches I have played the highest K/D I have seen for someone that has played more than just a few matches is 4.5. Actually I saw it twice and in both instances they were playing as part of a clan. Regardless even in your example the 49 KDA is more reflective of the person’s skill than the 7 K/D. I have 31 and I am sure that is not the highest. The 7 K/D would be by far the highest I have ever seen.


            The fact that you mentioned averaging 15 kills at 2.09 K/D is harder than 12 at 2.6 proves that the weighted stat is better (not perfect). Fact 2.6 is a better K/D. The KDA stat actually elevates my rating to be equal. As far as which one is more difficult I am not sure I can unequivocally say averaging 15 is harder since I have never had a 2.6 K/D and I think some would disagree with your assertion and it’s debatable. If anything since KDA actually rates players that get high kill totals higher than what K/D does, it promotes aggressive play.

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              23. Re: Does K/D really matter?

              I mainly play TDM and in that game mode K/DR matters.

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                24. Re: Does K/D really matter?



                But which player did more for his team?


                12-6 (2.00) -- 12 positive points - 6 enemy points = 6 positive points

                20-13 (1.54) -- 20 positive points - 13 enemy points = 7 positive points



                Only one stat matters in Team Deathmatch: Contribution.

                And that is the stat described above.

                (Assists count as 0.5 kills for the purpose of determining contribution, just because.)


                Good high KD players will have a high contribution.

                Bad high KD players will have a low contribution. (12-6 player)

                Decent medium KD players will have a medium contribution. (20-13 player)

                Bad medium KD players will have a very low contribution

                Negative KD players will have negative contribution on average

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                  25. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                  A good K/D doesnt make a player good, but a good player will have a good K/D

                  Short, simple, and true

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                    26. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                    No it doesn't at all. It is useless and should be removed. People who take it seriously need a check up from the doctor.

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                      27. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                      Holy wall of text. Mix in some Paragraphs dude.


                      K/D is a tool... nothing more, nothing less. It gives you a sense of where you stand. Regardless of mode, it is generally favorable to kill more and die less. Rational players use it for nothing more, and understand how to see it IN CONTEXT.


                      But it is a Stat and must be looked at as part of a bigger picture if you want to evaluate the skill of a player. Someone who plays TDM primarily? Sure.. K/D is a good stat to look at. But Win/Loss should be just as important. For Objectives...Caps/Defends/Plants etc should be MORE important.


                      For example... on my friends list is a guy who used to frequent these forums. His K/D is over 4.0, by far at the top of my friends if not amongst it. But his Win/Loss record is abysmal. He has lost nearly 3 times more than he has won. So... should his K/D alone make him a good player? In Blitz he has over 1000 kills to 1 Capture. Is this a good player? I wouldn't think so...


                      But the rational player understands this... YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST GAME. I have beaten players with higher K/D, and lost to ones with lesser K/D. K/D is a part of the picture... the problem is too much of the community seems to think it is the only true measure of a player's worth.

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                        28. Re: Does K/D really matter?

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                          29. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                          @ vims ... did those games start off with a/plural stat(s) then have them taken away?


                          @ rainmaker ... & others for that matter ... it just feels like there are those in the community that are searching for a stat that highlights where they feel they excel. @ rainmaker specifically, you're making my point for me. It doesn't matter what stat you use, people are going to "pad" or "manipulate" game play. Like I said, people are looking for a stat that highlights where they feel they excel at the game. That's the result of personal, self-worth issues, not a flawed system of statistics. Your "weighted" stat still relies upon two basic stats - kills and deaths. There are members in these forums with over 7.0 kdrs (or so they claim). While that's an extreme, I can assure you that getting a 10.0 kdr is not as hard to do as many might think it is. How they achieve that KDR, according to you and others (who, btw, tend to be adamant anti-campers) does not matter. Okay. So how someone gets the weighted stat you propose does not matter. Then you have to accept the consequences of what people will play toward.


                          @  adam ... you've hit the nail on the head


                          @ starbuck ... another nail hit on the head


                          @ adw ... you're making my point for me. What people fail to understand is that, like everything else in life, there is a learning curve to this game. It ain't no big deal; everyone goes through it. Well, most players do. There are some players who don't care one way or another and just play the game the best they can. But, as far as your stats go, there seems to be, in this discussion, much emphasis upon the 12-6 player being "better" than the 20-15 player. That's the result of relying upon a stat and not looking at what the stats actually tell you.


                          Here's some of the ways a 12 kills per match stat can happen ...


                          Match #

                          Kills A

                          Kills BKills CKills D


                          Now, what we all like to look at and want to believe about ourselves is that we, literally, score 12 kills per match. At the very worst, we want to believe we fall into scenario Kills B. That ain't the way we really perform, though. Kills A scenario is the most likely way we perform. Is that guy impressive? His 12 kills per match is only happening 60% of the time. And that's if he's "good." The same applies to the guy with 15 kills a match or the guy that gets 20+ kills a match. None of them are hitting their "X" KPM. In fact, they are not even hitting their KDR every match.


                          But what you can bank on with a guy that averages 20 kills per match? He's going to score 12 or more kills in far more than 50% of his matches. At the same time, he's probably NOT going to die 15 times in 50% of his matches. It's just that when he does have bad matches, he has really bad matches. That's more likely the situation.


                          Like I said. A stat, in itself, tells you nothing. You have to know what to look for in them.

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