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        50. Re: Does K/D really matter?

        Spam EMP, throw C4 everywhere, UAV, Hunter Killer, C-UAV, enjoy your high score per minute with an awful KD.


        Something I refused to do because I still believe in old COD4/6 style gameplayer, TACTICAL movement/kills.

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          51. Re: Does K/D really matter?

          Any team can be champion, butt hey cannot all be at the same time (which is what I was trying to say). Some people have to have a bad KD to make it even possible for some people to have good ones.

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            52. Re: Does K/D really matter?

            From both perspectives K/D  plays a role in how people view you.  When you join a lobby I'm guilty of just checking everyone's K/D  just to get a general idea of the level of competition I'm playing. This doesn't always give a precise indicator of skill but people usually play how I project gettin their K/D. I personally play objectively and still manage to keep a high K/D  and it's just and I've been told countless time in past Cod's  that I must have cheated. The truth is one just needs to know how to think and move a step  ahead of your opponents. I would say 70  percent of gun battles  is positioning while the other30  percent is the person's gun skill. Once you have figured out a effective route in any game type, you can play objectively, have fun, and still keep that K/D.

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              53. Re: Does K/D really matter?

              I got what you were saying, rlbl. The post I was responding to said that kd doesn't matter because anyone can pad their stats by camping or playing infected. That would be the same as the 76ers saying the only reason the Lakers ever do well is because they play cheap. There's no reason anyone should be fretting over their stats, true. The poster had stereotyped "good" stats. I stereotyped in response.

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                54. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                This is in the CoD Ghosts discussion not Black Ops 2.

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                  55. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                  Posted by:

                  This forum shows why BO2's Score Per Minute was good. It gave people something else to pride themselves on which in turn helped the team win.


                  I hope this context allows you to understand by response a little better; it was relevant.

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                    56. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                    K/d and W/l doesn't mean anything its about what you do in the match at the moment

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                      57. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                           It's up to the individual IMO.  My KD doesn't matter to me.  I don't look at lobby leaderboards to check others' KD either.  I used to stress over it, since I stopped caring, I've had much more fun with the series.

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                        58. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                        I use my KD as a way to judge my own individual progress as a player. Say I have an all time KD of 2.3 I'll set a goal for myself to do better than this for the week and the month. I wish this game also had a points per minute ranking like BO2. I like to improve on my own stats as something to work on, for me it keeps the game interesting.

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                          59. Re: Does K/D really matter?

                          The whole W\L ratio being a way to throw off some ones K\D ratio isn't consistent enough to deem it a worthy to go assumption. A lot of the times i can go 24 kills and die twice and still lose the game because of really bad team mates.


                          And you're being too biased with attachments and guns. If it works it works.

                          I've even gotten K.E.M. Strikes when playing TDM and end up losing the match. [Happened once lol]

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