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    xKBSx is now recruiting!

      Name: (KantbeStopped)xKBS on app

      lvl: 14


      Clan kd:1.86

      Leader: Chickencrap313

      Co Leaders: Xkon-OBezzy,Noobstomper123,xNoa_Pwned

      Requirements: 1.60 kd or higher

      Console: Ps3

      Nationality: American


      Hey guys xKBS is now recruiting. Were mainly a blitz clan,but we play other gamemodes. Were looking for members that are team players and go for the win. We want guys that know how to strategize and could adapt to the opposing team and change  roles to help us win. For ex if we need someone to play defense we expect someone to be able to play defense or if we need a slayer,etc.We like to pubstomp,but the main objective is winning and we want members that believe in the same thing. In terms of competitive we do clan wars, clan practices,and occasional clan battles. Also were a serieus clan,but were also pretty close and joke around with each other if your not into the super serious side of clans.  The requirements for the clan are a 1.60kd or higher,but if you don't meet the requirements and want to join then message me @Xkon-OBezzy and i can give you a tryout. If anyone interested in joining then add me on psn and i will send you a invite.