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    What kind of player are you,anyways?


      A few weeks back, I was touched by a post on the 360 Forum.There was yet another thread about "Campers" featuring the usual back and forth about the merits/problems with camping, when one reply threw me for a loop. The forum user explained the reason he camped is that he only has one hand, which limited his ability to move around effectively. He "camped" so that he can still enjoy the game in spite of the physical challenges it presented him.


      The post really made me think. We come in here and go into lobbies with total strangers and judge them based on their playstyle. We rant and curse them out... some even go as far as to send angry or even threatening messages to players who's playstyle they don't like. But what if we knew that person? What if we knew there was a reason for how they play? What if we knew their story? Would it cause us to react or treat each other differently?


      My goal with this post was to get a better sense of the community here on the forum. We may only represent a random sampling of the community as a whole... but perhaps it will help us develop a better understanding of the people who play this game. So... what kind of player are you? Why do you play the way you do?


      As for me.. I guess being in my mid to late thirties I consider myself an older player. I found COD on PC as an avid WWII game fan. I cut my teeth in Online play with Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and was late in the game with Console CoD, getting World at War first before buying COD4. I wasn't a fan of the Modern Weapons, but COD4 really won me over and I have been a dedicated player since. My game has improved greatly over the years, as I started by emulating other players and then began to develop my own style.


      I don't have the patience to camp. I do it when needed or to support a team if given an assignment, but it drives me crazy. I love to move around. I used to do so wrecklessly, and still have moments(especially when I am tired or just out of sync) when I still do so. But over the years I have learned how to effectively move in a tactical manner, really thinking ahead of each move. I've become quite adept at learning the maps and  predicting enemy location and movement. I have never had the best aim or quickest reflexes, so using intelligence and logic is my best weapon. I often feel like I have to out think my opponent since head to head I may be at a disadvantage. My aim, while improved, is still not as sharp as I would like it to be... a product of my not-so-great eyesight and slower reflexes. While I often lead my lobbies in kills... there are still too many times I also lead my team in deaths.


      I don't use certain weapons, equipment, or perks in game because I believe they are cheap. Perhaps if I used things like the IEDs I might have more kills, but I'd feel bad about it. I don't like scorestreaks that do the work for me, I like to earn my own kills. I'll take going negative and getting a win over going positive and losing. I tend to lose my temper at times and am working hard on this aspect of my personality. I have found that if I focus my anger into the game I can really turn a bad game around. I do make it personal sometimes, and will hunt a player down for payback, particularly if it is a player on the other team camping it up and killing my teammates.


      I love to play CoD. Folks on here think I defend it too much, but I love playing the game. I get just as frustrated as everyone else. I complain. I have to restrain myself from slamming my controller down and yelling expletives after every death... but I've learned that life is just too short to not enjoy it. My issues with the game I now look at as challenges, and figure out what I can do to over come them. I try to remember to say "Good Game" every time, even when I don't feel like it was.


      So that's me... I am sure I left things out and maybe didn't explain enough... but that is me in short form. Who are you as a player? Why do you play the way you do? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?


      Maybe through a bit of understanding we can help heal at least a part of this community. *Note- asking about players, not the devs or aspects of the game in this case. Kindly leave those arguments in other threads*

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          i try to run and gun but i caught a nail out of a nail gun in my right eye about 10 years ago and it has blurred my vision in my right eye. for the longest time i had a hard time shaving the right side of my face due to a blank spot. i have peripheral vison just not straight on from scar tissue on the back of my eyeball,   now after 10 years i have learned to adapt but my hand eye coordination isnt what it used to be so i resort to slowly moving and sometimes camping (not staring out a doorway unless i know someones coming), which is why i play hc its like a handy cap for me. 

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            Great thread, drewish.


            Okay. I've got a reputation for posting books as it is. I've started this post several times but, you know, I just can't bring myself to bore everyone with another novel. I've been working on making my posts shorter, believe it or not.


            Part one of my long story made really short, my youngest brother got me hooked on Call of Duty. He's 21? years younger than me? Terrible, I know. Don't know my favorite bro's age. What I do know is that he was the last kid at home for more than ten years while my parents went through a very long, very bitter split so I was the only one that gave him the time of day ... and I like to think that kept him on the straight and narrow (even though he wouldn't be a Texan if he hadn't gotten himself into some trouble here and there; stuff that was more funny than trouble). So we mostly played video games together.


            I was able to relate to COD with COD4 for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the dreaded, hated, run a few yards, walk a few yards. I was born with a heart defect that does not allow me to work or run at an all-out pace for a long period of time. I have to pace myself so ... running a little ways then walking a little ways has always been a part of my life. To overcome this issue, I've relied upon my brain more than my brawn.


            I started off terribly at COD4. I had a negative KDR for the first 100,000 kills. Definitely for the first 75,000. WaW had so many hackers and so few players that I spent most of WaW playing COD4. MW2 had huge issues, as well, the first 4 or 5 months and so that kept me in COD4, as well until about June of the MW2 season. Also, from late COD4 season to late MW2 season, I was involved with two clans. The first was great except that most of the members were across the pond. Between lag issues and time zone constraints, it didn't work out. But I did learn one huge thing ... KDR does not matter if you've got the right people. The second clan I learned that Game Battles, which later became MLG, was not for me, either. I won't start trouble by explaining why.


            Anyway, before it was all said and done, I capped over 250,000 kills in COD4 and completed every challenge in the game. I did not come to fully embrace and accept every aspect of the game through doing so, but it got me 90% of the way there. I took another step in that direction when I learned how to deal with Halo jumpers, prone divers, and Last Stand by the time the MW2 season was over. In BO1 I made a huge leap toward tolerance by learning how to quick scope (still don't like it, but I don't mind if it stays in the game). I argued fairly bitterly about the changes BO2 made to one of my favorite perks, UAV Jammer/Ghost. Why? Because I had come to accept all the "cheap" perks other players used, why couldn't they accept my perk? In any case, in BO1 I also took the time to learn all the ins and outs of how people cheat. Turns out that MW2 set the groundwork for stopping cheating and TA and MS did a really great job of making it much harder to do so. As some have noted, with nextgens coming out, there has been a rash of hackers willing to go out with a bang, but in the long run, cheating just isn't the issue it once was.


            Nonetheless, I lived with it in BO2. In Ghosts, I don't think it is that great a perk but I also don't think it is all that much needed. Whatever. I digress.


            I'm also an older player. Over 40. I can't rely upon reaction time. I will lose. I freely admit that. Like drewish, I have my "rage" moments. Those are not very frequent for me anymore. Oh, I still have my "eff you" moments, but no more controller throwing, no more pyssing matches with other players running their mouths. Well, I will make some "Now run your mouth" comments. It really takes someone being a complete and total prick for me to speak up, though. I've learned a lot about myself by playing this game. And I've learned a lot about gaming. Oh, I went through the "fix the lag" phase. Thanks to a number of forum members for helping me see the light, maccabi and starbuck the most notable of them. After a small bandwidth upgrade, finally making a smart router purchase, and several hours on the phone with real experts, I've solved my lag issues. I've argued til I was blue in the face against buffs and nerfs in these forums. I've only been reprimanded once, though. And being under a closer eye here has helped me have better control in-game.


            One thing the community really needs to think about are the changes more and more of us have seen to our favorite aspects of the game. A Pandora's box has been opened with the complaints. You get what you don't like changed ... that opens the door for other players to get what you do like to be changed. We can argue the merits of "arcade" versus "realistic" FPS all day long, but we're better off not demanding other people change the way they play. There's thousands of combinations possible. Someone is bound to come up with something that beats you out.


            If anything will kill Call of Duty, it's going to be the intolerance of how others play the game. Limiting what can be done effectively limits how many people are willing to play the game. It really is that simple.

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              Heavy weapon user - LMGs, mortars etc.  Can I have tanks and howitzers please?

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                I wonder what it would be like if you could get together with a couple of teammates and man a howitzer in COD. We did tanks. That was cool, IMO. But, you know how it is ...

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                  Well - I guess I play differently depending on circumstance. Back in MW2 I was reasonably cautious, I use to love using my sniper rifle on a map like Wasteland. Playing Dom, I would use a running class until 2 flags taken, then find a nice hidey hole to snipe from. In BO2 I learnt how to run and gun more. I also learnt how to play HC with advice from the forum.

                  Generally my play style is a stick and move around the map as needs be. Have been yelled at for "camping" many times because killcams just show your last couple of seconds. Anyway, I firmly believe if camping helps you win - why not do it.

                  I also would consider my strength as adapting and game strategy. My weakness is probably my reaction time - my Zelda born reflexes arn't as fast as most of the younger gen.

                  I would also say that If I find a piece of equipment helps, I use it - damn the haters. My eyesight is pretty poor, so on a map like Stonehaven I need thermal. Have to say Ghosts, for whatever reason, is a bit harder to see character models. No complaints, it is the same rule book for all.

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                    I am 43 with arthritis, and I am legally blind. I need to insert prosthetics in my eyes so I can see (and they irritate the heck out of my eyes, and they are damaging my corneas (one day I will be technically blind... then I will be seriously in messed up).  Hah you should see me right now, I have face in the computer screen as I cannot see yet, because I only have limited use of my eyes everyday.


                    I used to take a lot of flack for using the target finder (back in BO2), thermal sights, heart beat sensors etc.... over the years, but whatcha gonna do.  I am a gamer, and even though I admit that fundamentally these tools are crutches and bad for the game, they help me play.


                    I do not take too many complaints seriously, because one thing I have learned in life is: people only complain about what they do not understand, and if they walked in the shoes of others, they would not complain at all.  Someone always has it worse than you.


                    meh, but it is a game. not RL

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                        I suicide run everywhere


                        It's what i do i don't care if i die or not i just rush the **** out of objectives and kill anyone i see along the way if they see me first due to my reckless behavior so be it

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                            nice! So do I!


                            however I will slow down when I get confused and cannot get a sense of the flow of the match... when I see where things are going again, I charge.

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                                and spin in a circle looking up at the sky?


                                I do that sometimes but the stupid pilot in the UAV never points me in the right direction.

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                                  thats a good tactic, i started cod at the end of mw2 days.. i saw the hacks, didnt understand what was going on lol anyway ghosts is a different breed of COD.. they have bigegr maps, you cant run around like you could in other titles.. i have a 2.5 w/l and a 4.5 kd I play FFA and the key is holding areas down, not running around, its to much to predict.. what i tell kids in lobbies is, youre not going to get better sitting in corners ADs'ing, and you are not going to do well running around like crazy, you need to play slower and act like there is an enemy around every corner.. chances are there is one lol

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                                Thanks for sharing man. Hearing stories like this always makes me wonder about guys in the lobbies I play. Makes me feel bad for times I reacted to a kill or thought ill of someone in the lobby when they played in a way I didn't like. You never know what people are going through.


                                I am far from legally blind, but my eyesight is not stellar. I used Marksman in MW3 and really loved it, felt like it evened the playing field for me a bit. I ended up weaning myself off of it, but I still credit that perk for helping strengthen my in-game vision. I have not used a tracker sight since.


                                Back when I was teaching, we had a lady come in as our motivational speaker at the beginning of the year meetings. I will never forget what she told us : "Remember that everyone is doing the best they can at that moment. It may not be up to your standards, but it is the best they can offer right now."

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                                    Exaxtly right Drew - you never know who is on the other end. Funny story - playing a match against a against a party, heard them talking smack about my gmt. Like - what a dhead,, etc etc ... He doesn't even know it's a Falcon XR6 , not R6,, blah blah blah. (I own a Ford Falcon R6 ute - which is built for work with suspension, instead of fancy skirts of a XR6 sports model). These 16/17 year olds behaved as if they owned the world - not realizing that there are a lot of us older gamers. Playing as a lone wolf I was tempted to put in my mic - but thought better, instead laughed at their so-called insults.


                                    To Rlbl - I'm guessing pros ethics you mean contact lenses ?? I'm not allowed to wear them any more due to corneas being too soft. But, I have a pretty cool pair of glasses 

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                                        Yeah, but special lenses (scleral Lenses). I had both of my corneas replaced because they failed and I went blind.  How I have donor tissue in my eyes, scleral lenses on top of them, and glasses to wear on top of them!!! (they correct the leftover astigmatism).  My eyes are pretty much ******.


                                        So you have soft corneas. I am going to guess you have Kerataconus.  I had the most advanced stages in both of my eyes (which is why I had them both replaced, in the same damn year).  If this is the case you may want to look into scleral lenses as they vault over the corneas. They are expensive as hell though... but I have no choice (well it is that or be blind)

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                                            The only time I have heard the term Kerataconus, is from my optician and you . Haven't had to go to surgical lengths yet. I have had more eye tests than hot dinners, lol. My right eye has focus and astigmatism - pretty much fixed with glasses. My left eye the same,,, but it acts as a lazy eye. Guess from opticians is that the optic nerve never formed properly in left eye. Result being that my left eye is useful for peripheral vision only (like looking through a fly wire door). In time - surgery is probably the only way forward - for both eyes. But, they are reluctant to treat my right eye given my left eye is useless.

                                            Thing is - you explain this to friends, even family, they feel bad. But, to me, I know no better, I don't know what it is to have 20/20 vision - so I don't miss out. I would feel much sorrier for someone who had an accident, and as an adult had lost vision. I have grown up with it, and naturally adapted. Played many sports to quite good success - ironically I have good hand/eye coordination. But, I obviously have limits.... as a youngster I was a pretty good tennis player. Once my opponents could hit the ball as hard as I could, I started to struggle keeping track of ball. I still can hit a great ball "fed" to me, but now I am a much better coach, than player. As a rugby and hockey player I tended to play more on the left hand side of the field. For you and me - we just adapt. I'll never complain, because I know that there are a lot of people out there who don't even have the chance.


                                            On a happier note, Merry Christmas  - those of us downunder are already decking the halls.

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                                                Aye do you have a dingo on the Barbie?


                                                (sorry, had to)


                                                Out of the blue I needed glasses when Iw as 24, then was diagnosed at 28.  Lucky that you have one eye that can be corrected with glasses for the astigmatism.  Hopefully it stabilizes and does not get worse (a mine did).


                                                Hope that you a wonderful xmas!!!  Take good care.

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                                        I've always been the wingman type. I do what others aren't willing to do and that's my contribution to the team. When playing online everyone does what they want but never for the benefit of the team. Therefore I'm the one that fills the holes. This often means that I camp or defend. It's not the most glorious of roles for reasons you mentioned above. I have a fairly high W/L for playing as a random 90% of the time and I'm sure that my W/L would be even greater if I played with friends more often than I do.

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                                          I guess im a stealthy player. In objective modes ill usually go to the objective that nobody else is at, then hide and kill any enemies who try to retake it. Flanking works good too. Also enjoy ninjaing in SnD.

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                                            Great post drew. And rl and falcon (and all you others), good for you guys. I'm glad you can overcome your obstacles.

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                                              Good post,


                                              The only way I judge someone is by how good they are, your good I will know it, your bad I will know it. I prefer fighting the very good, that way I get very good.


                                              Camping, or running, I could care less. Its the person playing vs me, the player who out wits me, who out guns me, these are the players I have most fun playing against.

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                                                Mid 30's myself, ex-comp CS player- I never take pubs seriously but I always support the team. Usually play to the level of the opponent if possible- as I find no joy in playing hard against less skilled players. I don't use streaks or any no-skill kill items, run specialist and try new perks and load-outs all the time. Play the objective and the only stat I care about of mine is accuracy.

                                                Don't mind how anybody else chooses to play.. snipe, camp whatever if it's in the game, then have at it.

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                                                  Geez Drew... from reading all your even keel, well balanced point of views and thoughtful responses, I was sure you never got mad. Great post.


                                                  After reflecting here for a few minutes trying to relate my playstyle, I've come to the conclusion anything I type can be contradicted by myself. I've been just about every type of player at different times during different titles.


                                                  Being 37 yrs old, I feel blessed with good health, eyesight, and xray hearing, but not the quickest reflexes proven to me by my nephews. Gained some weight over the years do to my CoD addiction and only using my left thumb for any type of cardiovascular activity besides work and my girlfriend-wife.


                                                  Just plain humbled by some of the replies in this thread. Well done Drew, 5 stars for you.

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                                                    I would probably be classified as a camper, but I like to look at it as playing tactical. Patience is the key to success in cod ghosts.




                                                    I'm the guy that keeps killing you when you come back for payback


                                                    Best regards,


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                                                      My style is using the ARs and the Sniper Rifles. I like playing the objective. I hard-scope and quick-scope, it doesn't matter as long as I get the kill. I think we all judge people over the internet. It might be psychological dominance or something. But im sure not everyone needs to get yelled out. I get too many, "**** you Shadow" comments in one day of gaming.

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                                                        I'm a rushing SAW gunner.  I know, sounds idiotic, but hey, it works for me.  I'm pushing 40 and have loved FPS since Wolfenstein and Doom.  I will play other games but COD is my home.  Playing reminds me of all the pick up football, baseball and basketball games of my youth.  Since my knees are shot now, I need to get my competitive fix with a little less physical punishment.  I still get frustrated sometimes, even though I feel I understand the game and why I do well or not, so I don't rage too often anymore.  I play mostly as a lone wolf as most of my real life friends have stopped playing, so to me COD is more like golf now.  The game for me is just to compete with myself and see how much better I can become.  I strive for the win more than personal glory now in real life and in the game.  I couldn't have said that in my twenties, but I guess I grew up somewhere along the way.  Anyway, I love COD and the community in general.  There's always something interesting or funny going on each and every day.


                                                        Happy Holidays!  Peace.

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                                                          I play to win.  I will find anyway to get it, such as using cheap weapons, tactics, and killstreaks.

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                                                            Noctis Everto

                                                            Im your average 21 yr old gamer. Started my shooter experience (online) with Rainbow Six Vegas... The older weaponry never interested me, im big enough into history as-is. lol

                                                            I started CoD with MW1 but watched my younger brother play through the previous titles. I learned to immerse myself in a game, so early on playing I always moved about slowly, patrolled an area, covered my teammates, and used whatever got the job done.


                                                            I realize its fake, but its great to be able to get lost in it with the right people... The eerie quiet before you hear footsteps approaching down-river from you, the last man standing after a 5 minute gunbattle shredded both teams. Decision to be made: wait for him and get the jump on him? or rush out and try to get him, what about the bomb?


                                                            Its just a little view inside my head when I play... I always take the easy shot, the stealthy aproach... I gues thats who I am an how I play like I do.

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                                                              Just wanted to say this is one of the most inteligent threads ever posted on a COD forum. Well done.


                                                              I'm 43, and I obviously can't see as well as half the players out there. I play for a couple of hours once or twice every couple of weeks, only after I've actually found some free time, and play until the pain in the hands makes me stop. My strategy: camp, run, do what makes me enjoy this game. I use a standard control that does not give me an advantage. I dunno,perhaps it's my consious talking.


                                                              Anyway, I play in a group with the same ideas, same age groups, and have a blast.

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                                                                  Thank you, sir. I am glad to see that folks have been able to really have intelligent discussion here and not get into the silly arguments that seems to pop up on every thread.


                                                                  I think you have discovered the key to enjoying this game.. its really the same for me. You just have to find a group of players with the same interests as you. I have a few groups of friends I play with. We all enjoy not just the game, but keeping up with one another and talking during the matches. I think too many people think they have to know their friends on XBox... but I have only met less than a handful in Real Life. I met everyone else through networking. Make friends with someone through someone else.. and just let it grow. The game is so much more enjoyable that way. You can get past any connection issues you might run into, not to mention it helps to have a cohesive team when it comes to winning and losing.

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                                                                  Kudos to you for the post and have others share their experiences in a thoughtful way, something that the random COD community as a whole lacks. It is not just COD however.


                                                                  My style is flank, stealth and constantly on the move. I prefer the lighter weapons as most of my engagements will end up being close quarters. I am too an older player and due to other commitments, I do not get as much time to practice. As such I need to rely on knowing the map, objectives and where the enemy will likely be.


                                                                  Everyone has different styles of play for whatever their reasons but that should be not be a reason to be up in arms and posts hate threads like others have.

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                                                                    Not really to sure what kind of player I am.


                                                                    I'm a low-30s type of guy that's played nothing but sports most of the time. Friend got me hooked on COD and now I find myself playing it more than sports. Am I good? Nope, not even close. I just like to have fun.


                                                                    I prefer to play as a sniper. Served my county for 4 years as one, might as well be one on a video game right? It's challenging. Kill some one and they see it on the kill cam. So I'm always moving..


                                                                    I'll also get a AR can go door to door and shoot everything. I like playing team death-match and free-for-all. Although, the other game modes are intriguing.


                                                                    BTW, this is also my first post on this site so go easy on me.

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                                                                      I am a rushing capper.


                                                                      I play domination 99% of the time and my sole objective is to cap as many domination points per match as possible so that my team can win.


                                                                      My record so far is 17.

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                                                                        I'm the type of player that does whatever he can to help his team win.  K/D is all well and good if it were just you against everyone else but team play is about a joint effort to reach a shared goal.  I'll use whatever weapon, equipment, perk or streak to the well timed call out to help my team get that win. That's what I expect from myself and what I expect from other players.


                                                                        I mainly play DOM so I've learned over the years when to push aggressively and when to hold my position, to flank and counter, and at times to let my teammate take the shot.  I don't worry about the quantity of kills I get, I care whether the kills I DO get either advance me to my goal or prevent you from achieving yours.  Ultimately, win or lose if I play my style (and not the way the COD community at large seems to believe is the right way), I'm fine with whatever outcome.