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    Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

      Im a pretty good Extinction player, and I have one more achievement left to do which is 'Completionist'. Im going to run this solo because randoms aren't cutting it anymore for challenges. My question is that does anyone have any tips, or advice, or loadouts I could try?

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          Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

          My only tip is do it co-op.But next time you go to a lobby,check peoples' challenge ratio's.To do this 1)find a lobby 2)go to leaderboards(not lobby leaderboards) 3)go to challenges 4)press "Y" a couple of times to filter the lists to the lobby members 5)there should be a ratio for the people in the lobby.My advice is to only play with people who have a .65 ratio and above.Make sure they have a mic just to be safe, and confirm you want to do this achievement in the lobby.Be sure to max out sentrys for the 50% challenge, and use the electric lake(by the 14th hive) if you get the traps challenge in the cabins.And also...if sentrys kill the leaper,you will fail the challenge,turn them against a wall if you see the challenge pop up.If this doesnt help and you have xbox360,you can msg me(JayCubz) and im sure i can help you get it

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            Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

            I just attempted this.\

            Failed the trap challenges as i had the task infront of the barn and it was to hard for me to force them into the traps without me dieing or the drill being broken. Nevertheless i beat it platinum with no downs.
            Loadout used: (Mortal) More room for skill points.

            Ammo: Explosive


            Auto Sentry Gun

            Riot shield or manual turret. (Depends if you want hives gone quicker )

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              Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

              I thank both JayCubz and xMarshyFX for the advice. I got the Achievement today. Jeers to both of ya.

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                Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

                I got this on solo using 2 relics, pistols and mortal, "pistols only" will take out all of the specific weapon challenges and "mortal" forces you to max everything else out. I always use explosive ammo so that I don't need to be that accurate and can possibly kill multiple aliens at once.

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                  Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

                  I attempted this earlier today and found it pretty difficult. I used the pistol only relic and struggled to survive as I kept running out of ammo and had very little money to afford equipment like the sentry gun. All I spent my money on was the special ammo, and quickly after that I was running around just using the knife.


                  does anyone have a specific guide or video on how to do this?


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                      Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

                      This is how I did it.

                      loadout: mortal, MP-433 pistol, exp ammo, armor, sentry, grenade turret

                      spent points in this order

                      2 pistol

                      4 ammo

                      2 sentry (1st barrier)

                      5 sentry

                      2 armor (2nd barrier)

                      2 armor

                      5 pistol

                      whatever's left went to grenade turret but I never used it.

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                          Re: Solo 'Completionist' Tips Needed

                          Thanks for the loadout NJC22312.


                          I just tried going to for the completionist trophy before using that loadout and got pretty far. I managed to get 12 challenges completed, but unfortunately I got wiped out on the second to last hive. On the 12th hive I got the challenge of over 50% accuracy in the barn. I was pretty lucky to complete the challenge and destroy the hive whilst still being alive. The part that screwed me over was the 13th hive as I got the challenge of making sure the drill wouldn't go lower than 50%. Yeah you make think it's pretty simple but there was no way I could do it. By the time I set the drill, all I had was one sentry turret and enough money for armour. After that I was left there with nothing to spend and no ammo left.


                          I've been trying to get this trophy for ages now. How do you people manage to get through the cabin area clearing the hives? There's always at least one challenge that I'm unable to do or even if I complete it I'm left there ready to die in the next round.

                          The first and second areas are not much of a problem, apart from the occasional stuff ups and how intense the second hive barrier gets.


                          I'm not sure if it best to do it solo or with other players. So far I've managed to get further multiple times in my solo run, and other times in a team of 3-4 we get really close but end up failing a challenge, which rarely happens.

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