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    [360] [Xone] [PS3] [Ps4] DND1 is recruiting!!!


      Welcome to Down N Dirty 1's recruitment page.

      Firstly we would like to say almost everyone is welcome in our clan provided you are clan orientated and of course your not a squeaker.

      We cater for every type of player, competitive, casual, you name it..
      We all aim to get along and all share the same goal, to win!

      Unlike most clans you can join us no matter what your K/D ratio is..
      While we would prefer a better K/D it is not the be all and end all as we know a lot of people focus on getting objectives done rather than mastering K/D in TDM etc.

      For competitive gaming we always play to win clan wars, for casual gaming we play a mix of core and hardcore game modes, we always invite our clan members to each others lobbies and games as this gives for a better clan experience, getting to know your fellow members and their play styles not to mention leveling the clan and gaining bonuses from it along the way..

      We are 40+ members strong and still growing
      We are all clan orientated members
      We have a gold clan tag
      We are all friendly and welcoming
      We all play to win
      We always invite each other to games and lobbies
      We play and act as a team and not as individuals
      We don't discriminate each other

      Social media site supported outlets for gaming vids
      We are all English speaking
      We are from various locations so you nearly always have someone to game with
      The list could go on forever but you should get the point by now..

      You need to be at least 15 years old
      You must be active
      Be of a clan friendly attitude
      A mic is preferable but not necessary

      Clan Co-Leader
      Co-Leader positions will be recruited internally

      Members (SOLDIERS)
      We are always looking to recruit new soldiers and today is no exception. A soldier is the heart and sole of the clan and their role is to gun down the opposition, work in a team to complete game objectives and follow the clan requirements. This may sound like a simple role but it is vital to the clan and all of its members. You will be highly valued and may have the chance to become promoted to Clan Co-Leader in the future.


      SCOUTSNYP3R M24 - Commander

      ECKO WARLORD - CO-Leader

      Sgt Skizzy - CO-Leader

      FAME v DESTROY - CO-Leader

      Applying is easy and only takes 2 minuets..

      Firstly you need to read our clan requirements
      Once you have done that just go to the call of duty mobile app and fill an application
      Or message Sgt Skizzy, SCOUTSNYP3R M24,ECKOWARLORD, or FAME v DESTROY on (360)

      or ynit4960 on (PS3)......(PS4) please respond to this thread

      If all else fails then you can message on this post and we will try to contact you
      Then finally just wait for your clan invite, accept via the mobile app or in game via your barracks and..
      CONGRATULATIONS!! you now part of DND1