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    Weird Glitch with the Ammo Crate

      I don't know if anybody has had this happen to them before in game but it was strange. I was playing free for all and I was running a class with support streaks. I like the ammo crate because it frees me up from needing scavenger on a class and is a rather inexpensive streak on the way to ballistic vest.


      Anyways I threw out a crate and traded out my pistol for a second primary.  Well anyways about 30 seconds later, I got the message "50 Weapon Taken".  This message refers to some bonus experience you get from the streak whenever a teammate takes a weapon from the ammo crate if you are not familiar with it.  Anyways, I have come across enemy ammo crates in this game mode many times and it doesn't allow you to take a weapon or restock since you are not on their team.  I am just curious if anybody has an explanation for this. 


      I didn't mind, after all I got a little free exp for the weapon they took.  However, I am curious how somebody is getting a weapon out of my ammo crate without being on my team.   This was on xbox one.  It happened to me again 2 matches later as well. Any thoughts?

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