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    CoD Players have no Spine...

      The title says it all. Everyone backs out when they see that there's a challenge. Most of the people I run with have good stats and when people see that, they back out instantly. Seemingly every game we play, whole teams quit out. If people are doing poorly, they almost always dashboard. It gets ridiculous. Nobody wants a challenge. There needs to be some sort of penalty for quitting...

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          Or you can just play the Xbox One version of the game where you cannot dashboard to protect your stats.  If you eject your disc your stats and everything stay because it is on dedicated servers.  I think this is the console COD has been waiting for to make it more legitimate.


          The one thing COD really needs is a TrueSkill ranking system that rates how successful you are in each gamemode.  You may win 1 of 2 games in TDM so your rank can be 35, while in SND you win 4 of 5 games and be a 50.  If you back out it counts as a max points loss.


          Note: Matchmaking would have to be overhauled to never have join in progress and would have to recycle everyone after each game to make the matchmaking flow better.

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            I would love to play the Xbox One version, but I would rather play with friends. Therefore, I'm sticking with the 360 version.


            True skill would be amazing if they added a ranking system that had to do with true skill. A Halo 3 like ranking system would be perfect or even something like Black Ops II league play but more in-depth.


            It would also be nice if it locked people into pregame lobbies like Halo does, so they can't back out because they see someone that they think will be a challenge. A nice quick-term fix would possibly be the ability to hide stats for a cost, so people don't stat check and then back out.

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              this game is horible. ranking and game play are awful. infinity ward gets an F!
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                While I completely agree that dashboarding should be punished, I take issue with the "spineless" comment.


                Grow some spine. Run solo.

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                  I would like to see some sort of matchmaking system where it could pit you against your own skill level or maybe go by time played.

                  Example: prestige 0-2 matches, 3-5 matches, 6-8 and so on. It certainly doesn't mean all players are "exact" skill levels, but it might be a start. This may help the beginner players to have the option of only playing against other beginners, versus getting into a lobby with 10 day players.


                  Or maybe a filter where you could say k/d 2.0 and above when setting up a private match. This would alleviate op's problem of being "too good".

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                    But then it would create a new problem: mode populations too small to create a match.

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                      It's funny OP says all cod players are spineless but misses the fact that he is included in that.

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                        You're probably right, but maybe an option you could select, versus always being on. This way if you wanted your group to play against "better players" versus noob stompimg it could be an option.

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                          is the OP playing in a clan? if so, that can explain a lot of things. play solo and see what its like going up against organized teams while you are the only competent player on your team.


                          i prefer to think trash talking clans are more spineless than anything.

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