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    Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

      The lag comp seems to be getting a little worse each game.  Dumping half a clip into someone only to fall over dead from the first bullet you see from your opponent is getting old. Then you see the kill cam and it looks like a whole different scene than what was on your side of the screen,  


      Just because i have better internet in my area than allot of other , myself and those like me should not be punished for it. 


      And before all of you that have bad internet and are the good side of the Lag Comp come in here and say "Oh manz you suck get better"  I can turn my cell phone on hotspot mode and use it to play Ghosts and guess what...  I am all of a sudden looking like a god among men out on the battlefield.  Im winning gunfights, getting the drop on people, getting high K/D games.   Then i go back to my LAN...  5-13, 6-15, 2-8 ect.


      So do not say that internet connections have nothing to do with it.   DIAL BACK THE LAG COMP ITS TOO HIGH!

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