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        20. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

        Are you useing your phone?

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          21. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

          Ive played every COD since CoD3. As far as lag comp goes, BO1, MW3, and by far BO2 were the worst. I play Ghosts on PS4 and honestly say, I dont have an issue with lag anymore.

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            22. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

            It was NOT the whole killcam. Look at the timer on the kill cam. It starts the countdown at 6.7 and you stop it at 5.6 and the guy that was killed was inside, you were outside where you could see "YOU" on the screen. You didn't watch the whole killcam.

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              23. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

              It boggles my mind how MW2 ran fine, and they somehow found a way to break a crucial gameplay mechanic ON THE SAME DAMN ENGINE.


              It's not as bad as BO2, but it's definitely still noticeable.  I should not be getting killed a full second after retreating behind a corner.

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                24. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

                What?  The reticle was clearly over the guy's elbow when he shot.  It might not have been a kill, but there definitely should have been a hit marker.  The sparks are from another shooter. 

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                  25. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

                  Try reading this before ranting about lag compensation even more: Networking, Lag Compensation, and Hit Detection | Hey, A Message Board. This explains exactly how Call of Duty works in terms of a networking perspective and was really eye opening to me. I no longer get frustrated by this mythical "lag compensation" beast that has gotten me killed in unfair situations thousands of times because I understand that the game couldn't function without it, and, more often than not, it is simply me not approaching a gunfight or missing shots that was the reason for my death.

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                    26. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

                    Lag compensation is a seriously misunderstood term. Lag comp does not try to place everyone on a "level playing field" in real time. It does not change the latency you have to other players.

                    What is does do is make the game playable. Without lag comp the character model you are shooting at would not match up with its hitbox. So, without it, you would have to shoot "ahead" of your target and pray.

                    The latency between gamers is unchanged. Thus, you get bs moments when you swear you shot first - but according to the master state of the game, your opponent saw you first (in real time) and shot you first.


                    Do developers address lag compensation - yes, but not in the way that you might be thinking. For instance - in Ghosts, Mark Rubin has explained that the way in which matchmaking occurs has been altered. In BO2 "geolocation" was used - the game considered you to be playing where your IP address given by your ISP came from. For me, this worked really poorly, as my geolaction shows up 800km away due to that being where my ISP keeps their servers. SO - in Ghosts this has changed to more accurately denote where you are in terms of the internet. Thus - the goal of Ghosts is to provide lobbies with less latency within them --> reducing the work of lag compensation.


                    I'll add a few links to clarify:

                    Lag (online gaming) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                    From what I've read from folk that know what they are talking about - Driftors math when it comes to adding ping is not quite right. But the principles he is explaining is very good.


                    For how Ghosts has changed it's thinking in relation to lag compensation


                    With the X1 we have a hybrid system of dedis and listen servers. But the above principles remain the same regardless. With an increase of population of X1 ghosts coming with Christmas, we should all have a better time of it

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                      27. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

                      Theres not lag comp in the way he thinks it is.

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                        28. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

                        Agree with your original post Rexx.. What you are experiencing is real.. lots of people will preach with factual knowledge they've simply googled or gone on youtube to get.. reality is a whole different thing hey,,, some people get bad lag and others don't experience it much at all.. 

                        I've tried some experimenting in the past.. tried a couple of games on tethered 3g connection/wifi just to see the effect.. will never be doing that again though!.. The result - harder to find a lobby, a bit juddery, but did get a split second advantage over others for sure. would definitely not recommend it though as the game play is not good [bad frame rate] and its also hard to party up [strict nat] and chat to people.. 


                        My internet is 70 down 20 up and a 6-8ms ping to google.com and also bbc.co.uk.. I always play ps4 wired ethenet. IMO the COD Ghosts matchmaking needs some refining, and the lag comp model needs a some work too.. lag comp is obviously quite complex, [yes essential for online gaming] but you know when its hammering you too much as the game is very hard to play [get that feeling as soon as the game starts like you have huge lead boots on [even with agility perks] and even when ADSing, firing on a player whos mid sprint they somehow seem to turn and drop you with one or two bullets...[youve already hit them 3/4 times before they fire]. could this be another reason why some players tend to camp.. probably.. 


                        Until the developers acknowledge the real world issues and implement fixes you should do the normal things to get better matchmaking, such as enabling UPNP in your router, giving your PS4/3 a static IP and putting it into DMZ in your router.  Altering your bandwidth does nothing but change your lobby to people with similar stats..most lag comp is calculated on ping.. I monitored my ping during some laggy games and it appears as though 200+ms was being added [hard to prove this] Ask you internet provider to turn off interleaving.. or if you are on ADSL/sky ask them top reduce the max delay to 8ms [old gaming profile]..  

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                          29. Re: Lag Comp Needs to be dialed back a bit.

                          Did you just say that facts aren't real? Wow..

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