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    Will COD 2 run on Windows 7 32 bit?

      I tried to install COD 2 on win 7 Pro today and when I click on autorun it says that there are known compatibility problems.

      Can I run COD2 on win 7, and if so, How do I get it to install and run?

      My computer used to run XP Pro and had COD2 on it, then I installed win 7 Pro and ran into the aforementioned problem. I have googled it and a number of people say that they run COD2 on win 7 but there are varying methods with varying results so I thought I would ask here for a definitive and proven way to do it.

      Thanks for any and all reply's.

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          Hello lumpy2002,


          The thing about running older titles on a newer operating system, is that the game was not tested properly on that OS. While there are methods out there that can work around this, we are unable to provide those methods as they can cause some issues if performed incorrectly.


          Keep in mind that steam must be installed and running on the system for the game to work. It can be set to run in offline mode if players do not want to use multiplayer, but it is required to install and properly run the game.




          ATVI Support