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    The only part of the game that's OP

      Is the Human Element. Allow me to explain (this might end up being a long thread just like everything else I write).


      There are two elements to the game, AI and Human. AI involves things that are outside of a players control or heavily influence a players actions. This includes gun damage, RoF for full-auto, spawns, and obviously AI controlled Pointstreaks like Riley.


      Then there's the Human Element; parts of the game that are based on the human capabilities. This includes things like decision making, accuracy, RoF for semi-auto weapons. All these are dynamic elements that vary based on who the player is and how they function.


      The reason I say the Human Element is OP is because a player, such as me using the Mk14 from MW3, knows how to best use a weapon. However, in the same breath, I could be given the PP90 and not be damn bit useful. Someone else could be the opposite. Incompetent with a semi-auto but insanely productive with fast firing SMG.


      If you actually take the time to analyze everything through this concept you'll realize just how hard it is to balance parts of the game. There are hundreds of different factors that determine the rate of success one might have using a feature of the game. You have enviornment, opponent tendencies, teammate tendencies, gamemode, map, ect. All of these factors and more combine to help sway results. Ultimately, though, it's the Human Element that determines how effective a feature is.


      Let's break this down further using my Mk14 reference above. I'm a Socratic thinker so I like to obnoxious about points.


      Player A (me):


      When it comes to combat I'm not the best with reflexes. I operate on 7 sensitivity only after several Monsters. I do not like to over extend myself so I stay in areas with long lines of sight but I do like fast tempo so I stay near high traffic areas. I do have a fast trigger finger and great rhythm so I can fire a semi-auto consistently at it's fastest (or near fastest) RoF. I'm also good at using sway and recoil to my advantage. Knowing how the weapon works allows me (myself) to make-up for it's weaknesses. This means I'm the ideal user of a semi-auto.


      Player B (not me):


      Plays fast and loose using reaction time to it's advantage. Operates on the highest sensitivity and even mods their controller to make it faster. Knowingly moves faster than they can think so they stick to tight spaces that to try and contain their field to only what's inside their crosshairs. They don't bother with taking time to aim as they can't afford to do so. They put themselves in the thick of things as much as possible. Ideally this person wants an SMG that shoots fast, does not hinder movement speed, and has a large magazine.


      These two players, in their respective preference, have needs that are met by Call of Duty in a balanced manner. The weapons, Mk14 and PP90 (we can even say FAL and Skorpion) fit their most preferred scenario effectively.


      However, if you put Player B in Player A's scenario what will happen? Obviously the Mk14 will win and if the opposite were to occur and Player A was placed in B's scenario then player A will fall victim to Player B's advantage.


      Now let's ponder a third and fourth scenario. What if I'm Godly accurate and have a trigger finger that is uncomprehendable . My timing is like clockwork and I move so fluidly and precisely that even Player B with all his advantages cannot defeat me. In other words I'm better than him. No matter what gets thrown at me I cannot be stopped with my Mk14.


      So now I have ability to win in my own scenario and in Player B's scenario. From that outside looking in what does that look like? Well it obviously can't be me because Player B is clearly in his comfort zone and I'm not so it has to be the gun. There's just no other explanation. The Mk14 with a third of the RoF and only one less shot-to-kill is overpowered, right?


      It's this kind of thinking that creates unnecessary mob mentalities. Players who don't think about intended purposes and the fact that a weapons intended purpose does not mean it's exclusively for that purpose. A player can do whatever they want to do. Sometimes it might not be in their best interest but if they work at it hard enough and the players they're going up against cannot successfully defend against it just might work.

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          1. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

          Ghosts is utter garbage. Human element, my butt. This is crap. Lag. BS spawns...STILL getting killed when spawning. STILL...after a million fricken patches.


          LAG...NO excuse whatsoever for this. Yet, each new COD arrives with worse lag then the previous one. This is a FACT. If you can't test for lag, you shouldn't release the game until you can.


          Weapon balance DOES NOT EXIST. When I use an AK-12, I have to spend at LEAST half a clip to get anything done. An ENEMY, on the other hand, takes me out INSTANTLY with an AK-12. There are no OP weapons - except the Akimbo BS - only the LAG gives the appearance of OP-ness. I'm basing this on having used almost every single weapon that's used against me, and NOT having an experience anywhere NEAR what the enemy has with the same weapon.


          Ghosts is crap. This will most likely be my last COD. Since it CLEARLY gets worse with age. And I have NO TRUST whatsoever in Vonderhaar and the experience challenged devs at Treyarch. I will not be pre-ordering any future COD at this point. I've seen nothing but poor design choices and implementation. Maybe if Respawn developed a COD, I might reconsider. But, I can't trust IW ( a wanna-be version of IW that is) or Treyarch at this point.


          The game is almost two months old, and no better then it was on release. My patience is running thin. I'm not sure I'll stay long enough for the first DLC. I'm certainly not ordering Season Pass unless I see dramatic improvement in Ghosts gameplay. There's no more acceptable excuses. I don't care how old the game is. Get experienced developers who have a clue, or get out of the business.

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            2. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

            So what you're saying is that weapon statistics comparisons allow us to determine if weapons are overpowered or not, and not the players using it.


            Welcome to the club.

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              3. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

              So... basically.... you take responsibility for nothing and blame the game for everything? Your post is so far off topic in this thread I don't even know where to begin.

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                4. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

                It is clear from the first reply in this thread how very few people understand this.


                The Human Element is what makes developing this game a true challenge. They can statistically balance weapons all they want, but until they get into the hands of the players who knows how they will be used. Folks complain about Quickscopers... yet not everyone can do it. People complain about the Marksman Rifles, yet not everyone can use them effectively. People complained in BO2 about SMGs, yet many couldn't use those to their advantage either.


                The biggest deficit I see in the Human Element you barely touched on, and that is DECISION MAKING. I see people on these boards complain about Camping, for example... yet I watch how people play and the choices they make.... and it is like they are completely oblivious. CoD, especially in recent titles, has always been about the choices you make. Setting up your loadouts to be prepared for any situation that might arise. But player egos get in the way of common sense, and they make poor decisions in setting up their classes. So many of the complaints I see could be fixed by the complainer themselves if only they made better choices.

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                  5. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

                  That person probably said the same type of things with BO2....and MW3....and BO1....and MW2....

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                    6. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

                    The decision making is what largely fits into my argument about the EMP Grenade in BO2 and all the complaints that it's OP.


                    Something that could very easily solve the problem of it being "OP" is for people to actually change their loadouts so that they're NOT using the Bouncing Betty, Claymore, Shock Charge, Guardian, Sentry Gun, etc; the very things that people throw around constantly that allowed the EMP Grenade to rise up and then to thrive. It had reasons to stick around and rather than actually make the decision to change their loadouts and take away the things that give the EMP Grenade much of its strength (thus possibly lead to the EMP Grenade users to also change their loadouts since it will no longer get them scores of points), those players simply complain and demand the devs to nerf it because they feel they "shouldn't have to change" in order to counter things, then continue to use those same loadouts.

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                      7. Re: The only part of the game that's OP



                      Those in-game stats coupled with the human element is part of my debate over suppressors.


                      Anyone Else Think The Silencers in Ghosts are Little too Good?


                      Clearly, a lot of people tend to go only by what they see on the screen itself rather than bother to learn any of the more in-depth details or think about the numerous variables. Instead, they try to think about things in the most simplistic fashion and try to justify things in the simplest ways.

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                        8. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

                        Exactly... just like the people who "just had to" run the Carpet Bomb in Hardcore on Black Ops and then complained about getting kicked due to team kills or those who complained because people stole their Care Package while playing lone wolf in Black Ops 2.

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                          9. Re: The only part of the game that's OP

                          Actually I said the opposite.

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