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    [PS4] Team Ev0LuTi0n Recruiting! Looking for Destiny and Advance Warfare players

      Team Ev0LuTi0n



      A close fun active Godly clan with tryhards and casuals. [Right now we are taking a break from ghosts]

      This clan is a group  of friends that isn't tied down to just one game, If you're outgoing and fun feel free to join. We won't bite.


      Country: America and Canada


      Clan K/D Ratio: 1.60


      Clan Level: 25 (Red Clan Tag)


      Number of Members: 40+


      Microphone: is preferred but not required


      Primary clan is on PSN.

      Age Range: 14-21


      Our game modes: Usually Domination, Kill confirm, Blitz, SnD, TDM,  We are also pretty flexible and like to change up gamemodes (sometimes)

      The other games we play: Black ops 2,GTA5,Minecraft PS3/PC, Destiny, CoC, and more.


      Clan requirements

      • 1. Be Active (If players didn't play for a month without telling anyone before leaving=AutoKick)
      • 2. Must be willing to play all modes.
      • 3. Have at least a 1.2 KDR or have a positive W/L Ratio
      • 4. Be mature
      • 5. No Clan Hoppers (We Delete players who get kicked or leave)



      To join the Clan: Send a message to Ev0L-_-Xela answering/responding to each of the clan requirements on PSN [Do not send a Friend Request, Just a message]. Or Apply through the Callofduty App

      Elite Clan Name- Ev0LuTi0n

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