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    Do You All Mind If I Continue the Glitch/Bug Thread?

      As you all may have notice, Pwnsweat is waving farewell to us ... which means the bug thread is no longer going to update. However, considering I have lots of free time and a passion for this community. I would be honored if the community could let me take it over. pwnsweat was a good man. He was doing something that helped us all out in the long run. He listened to peoples problems online and did a terrific job. So, considering how I contribute to the thread, my spare time, and my passion to help the community survive/grow, will the community let me take this on. Yeah, I may be the joker of the forums (or is that Pedigo? lol), but when it comes to serious matters like managing something (A great example is me, almost all of it alone, running my clans Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google pages, Upcoming Vanilla Minecraft Server (technically, I am putting it on a payed for server lol, but I am working on it a lot all by myself), Elite Clan on the other consoles, 3DS and Wii U Game Communities, Meetings, and all the other wonderful stuff I do for them to keep them entertained that I did not mention), I go above and beyond to do it. I will step up for you guys and make this continue. So, can I guys? [glares with puppy eyes]

      I already copied the current list of glitches/bugs that have been reported, fixed, and even the debatable ones to. All the current 53 that are on there. Like I said, I am willing to keep it going, I want to help you all out in our troubles