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    I need to report a ADS/Fire blocking bug/glitch for PS3. Can I do that here?

      I need to report a ADS/Fire blocking bug/exploit for PS3. Can I do that here?


      There's a bug or glitch in the game that actually stops bullets from coming out of my gun when the sight dot is on the player. Not very many people have this glitch, I see maybe 1 person in 100 that use it. So basically here's what happens. I will be ADS'd in slightly off to the right of an enemy, and I start firing with the LMG. As I hold down the fire button I turn slowly left to put my sights directly on top of the enemy, when my sight dot is on the enemy player the gun refuses to fire, then if I move past the enemy to the left it starts firing again, so I continue to hold the fire button down and move slowly to the right to get my sight dot back on the enemy player, once on top it stops firing, no bullets will come out of my gun. I did discover a way around the glitch, if I ADS back out, then ADS in while firing with the sight dot on the enemy it will give me hit markers. Plus the mere fact that my sight is on the enemy, if I switch to hip fire it gets hit markers, but if I ADS in first, then shoot, no bullets will come out of the gun unless I move my sight off of the enemy.


      I think most players don't know about this glitch because they don't ADS in until they see an enemy, but because the ADS is so slow with the LMG I usually ADS before turning corners to face enemies that I know are there because of Amplify, thus I now see at least 1 player each night across about 3 hours of game-play that glitches in this way the entire match. It is also extremely hard to catch these glitches on longer shots because you have to tap fire to avoid kick, so it's hard to tell if the bullets are missing because it won't let them come out when the sight dot is on the player, or I'm simply not pressing the button at the right time. Previously I had been using rifles and assault, and I only ADS'd in when I saw the enemy, so I just thought I was missing or ran out of bullets, so I switched to the LMG so that I can drag fire across enemies and it became obvious that this is a glitch. Please look into it. Thanks.


      I had mentioned in an earlier post a similar glitch where instead of blocking bullets it would actually force me out of ADS back to hip fire when my dot touched the enemy. This was extremely confusing because if I would ADS in at any other time it at say a wall it would stay, but as soon as certain players ran under my sight dot it would force me out of ADS, even if they were on the other side of a wall. I believe that whoever developed this exploit accidentally got the 'block ADS message' and 'block FIRE message' confused at first, but in the latest exploit they fixed the mistake and now cheaters have a way to properly block bullets instead of just force us back to hip firing with whatever cheat process they are using.

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          Re: I need to report a ADS/Fire blocking bug/glitch for PS3. Can I do that here?

          Hey TinyLittleTimmy,



          Can you provide some more information about this issue? Are you referring to the gun stops firing entirely? Are you just not able to see the bullet graphic anymore? Are you able to provide a picture or video of some sort?




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              Re: I need to report a ADS/Fire blocking bug/glitch for PS3. Can I do that here?

              The gun stops firing entirely. No bullet animations either, so it become impossible to shoot at the other player. It's not like the invincible player glitch. I've see those and reported them. For invincible players I can fill them full of 100 bullets, get hitmarkers, they just don't take any damage. And it's not lag either, this is totally different. It happened a few times last night too. I can't provide a video since it's PS3 not PS4, it would probably show up on the replay in theater mode, but that feature wasn't added to this game and I don't have a DVR, but it's pretty simple:


              1. I ADS in to shoot an enemy.

              2. I begin firing.

              3. the sight cross air gets directly over their body, either they move, or I do.

              4. bullets stop coming out of my gun, I've got plenty of ammo, it's a LMG.

              5. I move my sights off the player but I don't let go of the fire button.

              6. bullets start coming out of my gun again when the cross air isn't directly on the player's hitbox.

              7. when the sight cross air gets directly over their body again.

              8. bullets stop coming out of my gun again even though I've still got plenty of ammo.


              It's very obvious, a few hours of game-play and you'll definitely see it. The best way to catch it is to pre-fire at a doorway or window before an enemy player runs by it. If you are holding the fire button down, bullets will be coming out in a solid stream, then when the enemy player runs through those bullets, the sound, animation, and hitmarkers all stop. Once the enemy player leaves, then the gun starts firing again. It's like everything pauses so they can run through...


              If I ADS out, and hip fire, it will hit them, then if I ADS in while still firing, it will continue to get hit markers, but if I ADS first, start firing, then drag the cross air over the enemy or let them run into the bullets my gun stops firing. It's really weird, like maybe the host has the power to undo my fire button press because they weren't at the location where I started firing? Somebody will have to look at the code, but it is definitely a glitch that is being abused. Maybe a lag switch causes this, or they are blocking the inbound traffing coming from my ip address. It happens about to about 1 in 150 players maybe. Anyway, it boggles my mind...


              Also, unrelated, I noticed another glitch last night. I was running downstairs when an enemy player upstairs running directly on top of me at the same speed fell directly on my head. Their name was red, so as soon as I stopped I saw them in front of me and fired, but my bullets went right through, like they weren't there. We tried to stab each other but couldn't do that either. Eventually we gave up and ran away. Once we died we could damage each other again. Anyway, that's the first time it has ever happened, but I doubt it will happen ever again, so no big deal.

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