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    A few questions

      New to PS4 and playstation in general.  Relatively new to Ghosts, so I have a few questions for both:


      -Maybe I'm overlooking something, but is there a way to see if a weapon you pick up is burst, auto, or single fire without actually having to fire the gun and give my position away?  I know in Black Ops 2 and others I've played it will have the fire modes on the bottom right. 


      -Heavy Duty mode (or I think its called that)- I played it last night and didn't notice a difference in the amount of health or damage a player took from regular game modes.  Is it supposed to be a big difference?


      -Charging your wireless controller: Does it charge when plugged in and the PS4 is not on?  or do you have to have the PS4 on or on standby mode to charge it?


      -I'm not understanding why they don't have the blue lights under the buttons on the controller, but rather under it in that boxed area?  I suppose you guys may not have an answer for this, but maybe someone does.. it seems it would have made sense to utilize the existing box of blue color into the buttons so that the person playing could see better in dark.


      -Last night I put my PS4 on standby mode for the first time.  It was in standby for probably 40 minutes (if that)....when I turned it back on to play it, the volume did not work at all.  I did not try it a second time, but is this common?  When I turned the PS4 completely off then turned it back on, the sound returned.


      -Is it bad to completely turn off the ps4 every time, instead of standby?  I will be using the PS4 alot for movies, etc. and I will probably turn it off and on about 3-4 times a day.  I just don't want to harm the system and don't know if this is bad or good for it.



      Thanks ahead of time for any insight.



      Oh and since I'm writing this, coming from the 360...I love it!!  I do get some shutter like lag though when huge explosions happen, etc....but other than that its fine.

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          Re: A few questions

          Well the only thing I remember from BO2 concerning fire rate was if you had the select fire attachment equipped in core. That's the only time I remember fire rate being displayed. As for Ghosts I'm not sure. As for heavy duty mode I think you mean hardcore. This is all I play and yes there is a difference in how much damage you take from enemy fire. Also no HUD. No your DS4 controller will not charge unless the system is on or in standby mode. I've never had my volume stop working after taking mine out of standby so I think in your case it was a fluke. I always keep mine on standby when I'm done playing because if any updates for the system or one of my games gets released the PS4 will automatically download and apply the update while the system is asleep. If it is off you will have to apply the updates before you can play and takes several min. depending on the update file size. And I assume when you say blue lights you mean the light bar on the front of the controller? It's main function is to be visible by the playstation camera. Also depending on the game different DS4 controllers will have different colors to indicate controller 1, controller 2, and so on.

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              Re: A few questions

              Your reply helped with several questions/concerns, however regarding heavy duty I do not mean Hardcore.  If you go to "standard" then "heavy duty", that is what I mean.  I understand your answer regarding the controller lights with the camera.  I understand what you said, but do not understand how that has to do with making the controller more accessible in dark environments.  I really do a appreciate the time you took to address several questions.  Attitudes like that are what breed growth.

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              Re: A few questions

              1.  Fire Mode - I always assume someone has jacked up the weapon so I usually test fire it or expect the absolute worst.  There is no display to show you - sadly.


              2.  Heavy Duty mode basically adds 1-2 bullets more of health on some guns.  Some guns do not change at all at close to medium and only change at distance.  Snipers are 2 shot kills outside of headshots.


              3.  Blue light is for the playstation eye/move/etc stuff.  Other minor things, basically worthless and battery draining.


              4.  I've had sound being gone issues as well.  I just power cycle to fix.  I turn my ps4 off when done and don't leave it in standby.


              5.  Power on the ps4.  Treat it like it is a computer because that is what it is.  Powering it down normally should be fine.  Don't just pull power or force it to power down too often.


              6.  Framerate - There is currently a bug in the ps4 version of ghosts resulting in framerate issues.  They are supposed to be working on a patch.


              Hope this helps.

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