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    Thermal... it's just too easy.

      OK, just to clarify... not a complaint thread...just want to discuss the Thermal Scope in Ghosts. Looking for CONSTRUCTIVE conversation here, so if you just want to bash the attachment or those who use it, I kindly ask that you move along.


      So I've been reading numerous threads in the various forums on here discussing the fact... and noticed in game... that the Thermal Scope is being used an awful lot in this iteration of Call of Duty, far more (at least in this player's perception) than in previous titles.  As a player who relies on stealth and tactical play, I tend to carry around only a primary so as to get additional perk space. I'd noticed in the past several days that many of the weapons I scavenged off dead enemies to use as a secondary rocked the Thermal Scope.


      So I decided to try it out and see what it was all about. I created a class with the IA-2 rifle, slapped the Thermal Scope on it, and equipped the Three Round Burst Modification. The team I was playing with got into an HC TDM lobby on Whiteout, the perfect map to test this setup. Spawned village and headed left towards the totem pole. Crept around the rocks and Scoped in on the Boat. Found one dude Glowing Bright on the top level of the ship, one burst took him out... two more glowing bright in the rocks, took them out, shot a few more as I flanked towards the ship. Before I knew it... I was 18-0. In HC TDM. Within the first few minutes of the game.


      I guess I am wondering if this attachment is just too darn easy in this game. I found it required very little thought on my part... just aim, look for the big huge white blobs, and fire. My aim didn't even have to be on point to get the kill. The scope is remarkably clear, I remember it being much harder to read in previous titles.


      Another thing I noticed was the ability to flip between the Thermal and a Holo Sight. One of the things that has always balanced out the Thermal in the past is the fact that if you got the user into a CQB situation they were toast. It wasn't practical for close range confrontations. Now, with no penalty to the user, the user gets two scopes in one, pretty much lethal for any situation.


      It just seems... well... too easy. Requires very little thought or effort on the part of the player. Sure it can be countered... but the clarity of the scope often renders the counters useless. The relative ease of use seems to be the reason for it's popularity.


      So... am I right? Do you think that perhaps this attachment is just too darn easy? Is it taking a level of tactical play out of the game and causing folks to just take the lazy, easy way out? Or... am I wrong? Is this attachment exactly what it should be?


      And if so.. is there a solution? Is there something IW should do to balance it out or make it more challenging to use? Perhaps increasing the sway and kick of the weapon with this equipped? Perhaps go as far as forcing users of attachments like this or the Tracker Sight to equip a perk that allows devices like this work, thus forcing there to be a give and take? Sure you get highlighted enemies, but at the cost of a few perk slots?


      Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this attachment. If it stays as is... I can deal with it. I've adjusted and adapted.... but at the same time I wonder if  the game wouldn't be better off with a change. Makes me wonder how much this attachment is impacting the flow and pacing of the game itself.


      Interested to hear what you all have to say. Happy gaming.

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          1. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

          It's an easy sauce attachment. It was used a lot in Black Ops II but since the Target Finder was the first to unlock and lit up with neon lights most people looked past the Thermal. I'll ignore the obvious reason to use the attachment and list three less obvious reasons to use it.


          Now in Ghosts you have to equip a 3 point perk that solely functions as a counter to this one single attachment that you may or may not encounter. Most people pass on it. This means that players, like myself, find it easy to use.


          Second, even without Incog the clarity of the scope is undisputed better than without. The black and white crispness makes it easier to see people even without them glowing red. There's no sway to the scope and zoom is actually quite comfortable to work with, not too far in or out.


          Give me one reason why I shouldn't use it.

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            2. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

            That is the thing... I Can't. There is no drawback to using it this time around.  There is no penalty to the user for using it. Heck, with this CaC system, you don't even lose a Create a Class Slot for equipping it.


            Played another match on Stonehaven with it shortly after the one I described in the OP. Spawned Village, ran up to the hole in the wall off Spawn. Scoped in on the Castle Door and got 3 quick and disturbingly easy kills.


            Well, perhaps there is one reason for not using it... to challenge yourself.

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              3. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

              Its the best attachment in the game for mid-long range engagements. I would even say its better than the TF from BO2 because its just such a clear scope with a great zoom and the "counter" to it is a 3 point perk that doesn't conceal you at all. For a sniper rifle, Marksman rifle, or LMG, there is no reason not to be using a Thermal Scope.

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                4. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

                The only issue I've ever had with it is hit detection tends to go a little weird once I equip it. Though that could just be lag, but on my MR-28 class I like to throw it on and when I do I'm usually having to shoot an extra round or two. Again, that could just be lag.


                As for Incog I would like it to be dropped a point or added to another perk's effect. As of right now it's too expensive for a perk that you could, quite possibly, not need. At least you're guaranteed to use Off the Grid or any other perk.

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                  5. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

                  Gotta hand it to people, always looking for the easy attachments. IE target finder, thermal, etc. Use your eyes people. Its way more satisfying

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                    6. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.



                    While there have been a few guns in the Series that were legitimately OP... it seems that "Easy" is the new OP. If anyone can use it and have success... you can be guaranteed most people will.

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                      7. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

                      If it's all about eyes, then the guys with nicer/bigger TVs/monitors will have the advantage....


                      On the xbox360, graphics are so shitty, without thermal, it is so impossible sometimes to spot anything before you get killed.


                      I actually think because the graphics suck so much, they should make the tracker sight better in this game....

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                        8. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

                        Can't agree here. The graphics are quite crisp, and if they aren't you need to look at how you are connected. I use a 27" gaming Monitor and I can see everything, with or without the thermal.

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                          9. Re: Thermal... it's just too easy.

                          Once you hit 50' the previous gen game is pretty terrible graphically. On the PS4 though it looks really good on an 80' Aquas. I would imagine though the Xbone doesn't look too good so long as it maxes out at 720p.

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