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        The Modern Warfare game has been getting worse since the high point of MW2. . I decided a while ago that this would be my last CoD, Ghost just made the choice easy. Right now I'm going in and out of games trying to find one that works. I'm up to 5 still lagging to the point of unplayable.

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          iivrruummii wrote:


          Ya but spawn systems have always been a problem.

          spawns like lag are a problem in most games XD

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            There was only one good modern warfare game, the first one.

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              If you are having that much trouble("the unplayable lag") , I'd say the problem is on your end.

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                Except for the spawns, I think it's one of the funnest to play. Just keep HCDOM in the playlist

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                  The game is not designed for the internet and is full of bugs....doh! Accept it's cr&p and move on.

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                    Ghosts is a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to the next one however the multiplayer needs work. The 2 things I have heard the most complaints about myself, which I agree with completely, is bad respawning and the most is the terrible lag the game has. I'm sure main have notice and may or may not agree with that. I like many have played other multiplayers online before but ghosts has the worst lag of any I've seen or played. From talking to a few other players it sounds like it wouldn't take much effort at all to fix both issues if the developers actually took the time to work on it.


                    So that's my biggest issues with the game, bad respawns and terrible lag. Everyone else can agree or not makes no difference to me I just hope the developers or whoever they have working on ghosts read these posts and actually consider fixing at least some of the problems with the game. Enjoy ghosts otherwise and see some maybe in game and when the next one comes out.

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                      -Revenge spawn breaks the spawn system.

                      -Lag compensation breaks due to awful matchmaking

                      -Streaks are no longer rewarding

                      -Awful game stutter, fps drops, sound stutter, menu lag, lack of dedicated servers in cities with data centers with previous COD servers.


                      I understand this game very well, you should take care and look at the greater picture, in an attempt to appease the community COD has become a cesspool of bad laggers and people who purposely get bad internet connections to gain an advantage.


                      COD as we knew it is long gone (3 games now).

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                        Why should I accept that, I paid money for a product that does not function, do you always spout idiotic things randomly everywhere you turn up?

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                          How does Ghosts not function?  It works great for me.

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