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    ghosts freezing please fix this

      please fix the damn game


      we know what the issue is there is shocking memory leak
      the only fix we can do is turning cpu priority to normal or low


      at bare minimum please patch the game to change cpu priority


      people everywhere are crashing its on your part its not our hardware
      just patch the damn game its so simple to do just do it and send the updates out

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          Re: ghosts freezing please fix this

          Greetings waynoracer,


               I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing freezing with your game. Are you on a wired or a wireless connection? Can you please post your dxdiag so we can check your set-up? Also, verify you game cache to make sure your Ghosts files are not corrupted: Verify Game Cache Files (GCF) - How To's - Knowledge Base - Steam Support.




          ATVI Support

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              Re: ghosts freezing please fix this

              hellow there flava sprinkles


              im speaking on behalf of every single pc user, you dont need my direct x diagnostics info
              i have already said what the issue is i assure you i know alot more than most of you in activision support do as i myself am a game developer.


              tell them to patch the preset for cpu utilisation which is currently set to high down to normal or to low and to send the update out to everyone. this will help prevent the lag ,stuttering and freezing


              otherwise we will have to do it every single game via task manager, i have spoken to over 100 people in game and asked if there is a single person that has not frozen and they assured me that they all have the freezing issue,


              from a game developer like myself i find this discusting that when people have had this issue since launch nothing has been done ,


              its a very small peice of code that needs changing although it would only be a work around i would hope that the bigger issue would in the long run be fixed while the small update could be done almost effortlessly.



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                  Re: ghosts freezing please fix this

                  Hey waynoracer,


                  We ask to provide a dxdiag for our reference and do not mean to question your knowledge. We would greatly appreciate for you to provide your dxdiag. As far as changing cpu priority, the priority was set by the devs and is working as intended. Please try the following suggestions and let us know if this resolves your freezing issue.


                  1. Crash/Freeze

                  2. PC performance Error

                  3. Verify Game Cache Files


                  If you are still experiencing freezing after following the steps above, please let us know and we will work on a solution together.




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                      Re: ghosts freezing please fix this

                      this > Activision Support < fixes it yes but that is a stupid work around why should we need to disable programs just because activation are lazy and couldn't be bothered sending out a patch




                      the fixes are simple fix number 1 disabling all background processes to hide the fact that ghosts is poorly programmed and poorly optimised,
                      fix number 2 lowering your CPU utilisation from high to low


                      you do not need my dxdiag it wont give you any useful info as i have not crashed since my last os upgrade as i turn the cpu utilisation down every time i start the game , as i said before i am posting on behalf of thousands of angry consumers  one of which received an email from support saying "we will not be providing a fix for this issue , to stop your game crashing please disable steam , your anti virus and any other programs when you open your game"


                      that to me is appalling

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