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    A Huge Annoyance

      Is it just me, or does it seem like anytime i attempt to play Extinction online, 90% of the people you get paired up with don't ever ready up? It's annoying as [Removed by Moderator] when i join a lobby and no one apparently knows how to ready up. I understand that people want to look over their loadouts and whatnot, but i shouldn't have to sit there and hope to god that two other people will ready up.

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          Happens to me all the time. Ever since BO2 zombies. I dont understand why people wont ready up. Especially when they have mics, keep telling them to ready up and no one responds. Annoying.

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            Most do ready up with me. My problem is people being stupid on purpose in a game. Like a game I just had, one of my "teammates" at hive 13 and hive 14, kept running off the edge off the cliff (near the shotgun). You could tell he was doing it intentionally, and eventually I quit.


            I looked at how many kills I had, and I had 509, and my other two had approx: 170, and then 74.


            We even took so damn long on the second helo hive, we had 2 or 3 rhino's attack us haha. We somehow managed to get past that bit, and I dunno how. I really don't.


            I just hate people who purposely sabotage the game.

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                That is also extremely annoying, in fact ive played maybe 3 or 4 rounds online, and never tried it again. I solely play solo now, which is a damn shame because it's fun when people actually try to play it. I don't understand the fun in ruining someone else game, especially since i rarely use my mic, they can't even hear my reactions or anything. Gotta love the 12 year old children failing at being funny.

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                    To be fair, I have escaped many times and that's probably the first time anyone has ever done something that stupid.

                    Usually it's people just not too great so they get downed a lot, or they use stuff at the wrong times (they waste stuff such as the SOFLAM, for example, or waste a Flare - wasting the flare bugs me, especially when it's the only one lol).


                    It's the same for me though, I mean, I don't have a mic either so it's not like they could hear my reaction. Though, to be honest I wasn't really reacting much because I couldn't. I had swarms of enemies on me constantly, with them two not helping and just doing stupid stuff throughout. They just kept knifing a lot too, and I dunno why. I was constantly supplying ammo so that's not why. I think because they were both Tank they thought 1 or 2 knives would kill. Who knows with these idiots.


                    I'm not sure if they were just trying to test to see how many times I would/could revive them before dying. I know one of them I revived 15 times, the other would have been a bit less. I just hope that after  I quit the host didn't migrate to one of those 2, and then they played properly, and escape. I really hope not. Cos I did the majority of work


                    I don't even think they had many assists either. Usually if everyone has a similar kill count, everyone also has a pretty high assist count too. So it wasn't like I was stealing their kills.