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    What Is A "Good" K/D?

      Now that people are able to see other people's K/D ratio in the pre-game lobbies easily now, everyone is freaking out about their KDR, and it seems like everyone has their own version of a "good" KDR. To me, this is how i determine if some has a good KDR;


      Anything lower than 1.00 = Bad

      1.00 - 1.50 = Good

      1.50 - 2.00 = Very good

      2.00 - 3.00 = Pretty Impressive

      3.00+ = Dangerous


      That's how iv'e always interpreted it. What do you think?

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          1. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

          You're right but some of us old people that  play just for fun.Thats when K/D doesn't mean anything  

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            2. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

            K/D itself doesn't say much. Everytime I see a guy with KD > 1.5 and a Win Ratio < 1 I know that he will be no threat in this next domination match.

            Also, the higher these stats diverse the sooner the player will leave the match if it's not running in their favor. They usually cannot take a beating.

            But stats can only give you a hint for what kind of player you can expect.

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              3. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

              For me it's this:

              1.00 and below - Bad

              1.50 - average

              2.00 - Good

              3.00+ - Great

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                4. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

                Hang on - anyone lower than a KD of 1 is "bad". Let's make it simple and consider just team deathmatch. If you have a KD of exactly 1 - this means you are "average" in my opinion. For a player to have a KD of 1.5 (you call a high end good) - the opposite of the stat is a player with a KD of  0.67.

                clarification - lets take a one v one match. Player A has a KD of 1.5 , Player B has a KD of 0.67.

                In 1000 battles -- Player A wins 600,,,  Player B wins 400.

                My point is that expectations are terribly high compared to the math reality.


                I have just started playing more TDM. My KD is a tad over 1. Meaning that I am an asset to my team more times than not (just by a little ) Yet, by the reckoning above, I am not average, I am borderline bad????

                My main mode of choice has always been domination, My KD is generally lower than 1 (by a tad) - so am I bad. I dont think so - considering I play the objective hard - and usually end up in the top 3 for caps.

                KD can easily be manipulated - I never leave a match just because my team is losing or Killstreaks are called in - Big problems in BO2 with weak minded teammates leaving - not as much in Ghosts due to more gun on gun action.

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                  5. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

                  If the game mode is TDM then anything 1.0 or lower IS bad. A 1.0 K/D is useless to the team. A 1.0 could be replaced with someone who could go positive. Anything lower than a 1.0 isn't contributing positively to the team.


                  Even outside TDM someone going positive is more valuable than someone who goes negative. It's much easier to capture domination points when there's not a helicopter hovering above or a sentry gun hindering your path to the objective.

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                    6. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

                    1.0 W

                    1.5 G

                    2.0 A

                    3.0 F

                    3.5 ?

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                      7. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

                      Dude, in a single match your logic makes sense. That player who may go 7 -11 in one match (you say replace) could easily go 11-7 the next.

                      Point is an overall KD around about 1 should be considered "average", not bad.

                      Your point about Domination is circumstantial. 

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                        8. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

                        I see what you did there  

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                          9. Re: What Is A "Good" K/D?

                          It makes sense completely. Clearly if he's going 7-11 then 11-7 he's an unreliable player who only breaks even. Like I said not someone I want on my team.

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