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    Matchmaking Annoyance

      Finally got a new Xbox 360 E that works, but when I try and enter a public match, I can never find one.


      But here is the kicker, I only ever find a match when my connection type is on 'Any' and I can only get in a match when one other person in the world is in that game.


      I have been in about 50 games since I got my Xbox, I have always exited the lobby and re-entered and I am always in the game with the exact same person.


      He goes offline and I no longer find any matches in any game mode at all.


      Any solutions?



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          Re: Matchmaking Annoyance

          You NAT is set to either "Strict" or "Moderate." You need to get inside your router settings to change this to "Open." I just went through this with my little brother 1500 miles away. AT&T told him there is no such thing as "NAT" and that "It must be something only Microsoft can adjust." It took me 15 minutes to get him to download a program so I could remote access his PC and then his router. It took me less than 5 minutes to find where to adjust the setting and do so. AT&T couldn't do it after an hour and a half.


          Since then ... lil bro has no problems finding matches or hooking up with friends.

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