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        30. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

        You clearly didnt read that propperly, i didnt mention connection bars i said bar 2 lobbys as in asides two lobbys every other was laggy as hell.

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          31. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

          if thats how you felt why bother responding at all ?


          For the record it wasnt about many other things it was about tubes and the seemingly endless amount of rounds, while i did throw in as a secondary point that bothered me with lag.


          Thats 2 things not a full on shopping list.

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            32. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

            Sarcasm aside you clearly missed the point, i wouldnt have an issue if it were not for the fact with the range and explosive power when being used as a primary as opposed to room clearance for hardcore campers etc.

            It in my opinion is a cheap way to get kills and if you cant use a gun as the game was designed for, why bother playing it....


            Tell me do you use noob tubes ?


            Also to note i only play hardcore, so for those of you claiming blast shield this blast shield that it WILL NOT save me.


            So quit with your know it all BS please, it may save my backside if im not in direct line of the projectile, but for the most i might aswell have right here tattoo'd on my forehead for them.

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              33. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

              Not to be a **** but why does everyone assume core, i actually only play Hardcore.....

              Thats why i am letting half of the comments ride over the top my head, because they dont apply.

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                34. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                I don't understand why all the commotion? If it's part of your arsenal then bloody use it! You may as well say ban grenades, smoke grenades, semtex, etc, rocket launchers are what the army use, and under barrel grenade launchers have been used for many years. If you have poison arrows in your arsenal you would use them if you have nothing else left, so why call somebody a noob tube just for using things within their arsenal, if you don't like getting killed, look before you move around a bloody corner ;op

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                  35. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                  100% guilty of tubing people. It's an "easy" operation, though you have to get 75 kills to complete it. I think I'm around 60 kills with it so far. BUT I'm pretty sure there are two more operations with it. the only down side to tubes is that you have either get a direct impact or plant the nade within 1 foot of the upper torso.

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                    36. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                    Nothing like having a forum like a classic "ban all tubes" thread.


                    They will not get rid of them so dont waste your breath. Whiners like you have been saying that since the MW2 days but look at what happened.....NOTHING. All they did was remove OMA and that was it.


                    You have absolutely NO legitimate reason for wanting them removed. All you are upset about is a slight influx of tubers and and you dying more often.


                    It wont happen. End of story.

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                      37. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                      You wouldn't know about anything that anyone is talking about since you blatantly don't discuss hard core why are you replying to the post. Anyways...it's a waste...you google some cool word, use periods...talk about making points. I made mine and I guess for this English professor needs a lesson in reading...sooo


                      As I stated before...Blast Shield does NOT protect you in Hardcore... ( which was my point ). But yet it will take 5 shots from a gryphon to kill someone with Blast Shield and a thermobaric "tactical" grenade will kill you from 10 foot away...I guess this only makes sense to the "smart guys" on the forums and us dumb gamers obviously know nothing about the game.

                      ANYWAYS...you don't discuss hard core Fang so keep you fingers off the keyboard and keep your English lesson for school.

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                        38. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                        Did they remove Trophy Systems in HCDOM?

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                          39. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                          Are you kidding me? I feel bad for you man you don't know what Blast Shield or Trophy System is and you refuse to move. There is no hope for you I think you would be better off going back to MW3 where noob tubes are useless again. Danger Close is 4 points and you can't replenish more explosives in one life anymore so what's your excuse? Oh right they actually kill you now when the person is accurate so now they are cheap? They have slower kill times then assault rifles and snipers and shotguns and you want them nerfed? Technically your statement about them having infinite explosives is not even true because you can't replenish them and actually everyone has infinite ammo in this game if they aren't playing a game mode where you only have one life cause once you die you get it all back again. The explosives in this game are actually harder to use then any other gun in this game they three counters Trophy System, Blast Shield and moving around also you can't replenish them and you still have a chance at getting hit markers with Danger Close on and they don't even need Blast Shield.


                          What game are you playing? I would love to be able to kill a group of enemies with just one grenade. Stop complaining about something with 3 counters it's making you look foolish.

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