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        40. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

        I dunno, DarkOne ... you still have to be pretty darn accurate with them to score the kill. The explosion from a tube looks great ... but actual damage is wanting.

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          41. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

          Why are people who choose to use explosives idiots?  Last I checked it was a weapon in the game and anyone is free to use them.  It's a legitimate playstyle just like anything else.  They have an extremely slow ADS and reload time.  So there is a risk/reward dynamic going on.  Tubes and rockets are great for flushing out the campers as well.  Because of this thread I'm going to go home and put together and use an explosives class.

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            42. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

            I haven't used a noob tube once in this game. Personally I could care less if someone chooses to tube, camp, rush or whatever. I'll play my way and everyone else can play theirs. Figuring the other team out is half the fun.

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              43. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

              I am not a great CoD player, in fact, I am not very good at all - but I play for one reason - to have fun! It really makes me laugh when people think that this and that needs to be nerfed / buffed - if it doesn't work then I have some advice - don't use it! If it's OP and you want to complain because it causes you to keep dying here's some more advise - use it! Just my two cents on the matter......and trust me - I have died in HC Dom by more "noob tubes" than I care to admit - but it's a game - NOT real life!

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                44. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                Sliktrax wrote:


                Not to be a **** but why does everyone assume core, i actually only play Hardcore.....

                Thats why i am letting half of the comments ride over the top my head, because they dont apply.


                Not to point out the obvious... but my reply citing Core.... was not in reply to you.


                Happy New Year.

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                  45. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                  Sliktrax wrote:


                  if thats how you felt why bother responding at all ?


                  For the record it wasnt about many other things it was about tubes and the seemingly endless amount of rounds, while i did throw in as a secondary point that bothered me with lag.


                  Thats 2 things not a full on shopping list.


                  Sure but when you are going to Home Depot and the wife adds getting an onion to the list... you're now all over the place.


                  I chose to reply because this is a public forum and was curious if the post would be as humorous as the subject.


                  It was.

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                    46. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                    They aren't going to ban something that is easily avoidable.

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                      47. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                      All I see is smart a$$ remarks that involve Blast Shield or trophy systems. I know you can equip blast shield, reflex, extra tac, and your only job will be to run around everyone and placing trophy systems out when you hear the explosives coming ( sounds FUN, since everyone wants to talk about fun).. I don't agree with banning anything..I agree that things need to be fixed in Hardcore...so how about all you obvious tubers stop responding with all the sarcasm and just be honest that you know it's ridiculous to die from a thermobaric tactical grenade and that running around with 3 or 4 tubes in hardcore is just plain...unplayable. Or how about each of you gimme your gamertag I'll invite you to a game and you can show me how it's done...i'll make sure my guys on the other team are well equip...All of you wanna make fun of a post...flame, troll whatever it is you feel the need to do, but you aren't helping matters. You wanna blast a guy for making a "stupid" post, by making a stupid post yourself. The title could of been different,but I'm sure he knew it would provide plenty of views. The point is, explosives in Hardcore need to be addresses.

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                        48. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                        That's part of the challenge of HC - working together as a team. Think of it this way - if you pair up or complete objectives in Dom as a team, the flags are capped before the other team even has a chance to launch that grenade. I run solo all of the time - and have been in my fair share of grenade happy rooms - but as I said - I play for fun, could care less about my K/D - my main goal is to capture objectives and win the match. Because of this, I have adapted to playing HC Dom and changed out my canister bombs and semtex for C4. LOVE dropping the C4 near an objective - as soon as I hear "losing A/B/C" I hit the trigger and "BOOM" - Defense Maybe the problem is the OP needs to worry more about dealing with the weapons of the game and less about their K/D....just my thought

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                          49. Re: Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

                          They just playing a game their no point to banned them.

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