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    Easter Egg Songs

      So what was your favorite and least favorite song? You can explain why if you want and it'll make your comment interesting (to me). My favorite song is Pareidolia, I love this song to the fullest because it gives me that kick ass feeling plus it also feels a bit relaxing, especially towards the end with the piano piece. My least is Carrion, never really hit me as a song I would find in a Nazi Zombies. Probably because I was more used to Elena Seigman and Avenged Sevenfold but it was sort of a really really low "meh". Also I was expecting A7X's Carry On to be the song because it sounded kick ass for killing Zombies. What are your favorite and least favorite songs and if you can put reasons why.

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          Re: Easter Egg Songs

          For my favorite one I would say either 115 or Lullaby for a deadman, those I think are the most representative of the entire nazi zombies storyline. Coming home deserves a mention because I think it is such a powerful song and it has a strong meaning behind its lyrics.Abracadavre and Always Running are pretty awesome too.

          My least favorite should be Where are we going, only because it is too damn short and that sucks!

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