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    should scavenger resupply  equipment

      Since a lot of people who commented think you shouldn't be able to resupply like in bo2, how about while wearing scavenger anybody who is using the same equipment as you can resupply your equipment


      if john was using c4 and mr.scavenger came and killed john mr.scavenger would get his c4 back

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          It did so in Black Ops 2 and never seemed to be a game-breaking things, so I see no reason why it shouldn't be a thing here, too.


          I vote yes; make Scavenger resupply tacticals and lethals.

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            i would say yes, but with conditions. Certain item would need to be capped, ied comes to mind. Otherwise their would be someone camping in a building surrounded by 6 ied. Or someone would leave a trail of these all over the place.


            for me I would be more inclined to actually equip a tac or lethal and actually use them instead of now where I won't throw my frag because I may need it to clear someone dug in at a room.


            it would be hard for iw to make the changes and keep things balanced.

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              I say yes with the following conditions:


              It does not replenish C4, IEDs, Thermobaric grenades, and motion sensors.


              Motion sensors and IEDs only lead to camping, thermobarics are problematic in hard core, and C4 is just to good. Everything else, including underbarrel grenade launchers, I can live with.

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                The problem with that logic is that the resupply packs drop near the victims, requiring the camper to leave their camping spot to pick them up and resupply, making them vulnerable, so it wouldn't really benefit them much at all, because all it would take at that point is for two people to get to the point, have one hide and the other act as bait, and if the first is killed, the second can wait until the camper goes out to try and collect the pack, then take the camper out.

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                  I like what @Fang_1192 said. Yes but with restrictions. I think it should only replenish tacticals, not lethals and certainly not the under barrel grenades. I think they took out the equipment refill because BO2 was full of people hurling c4 around the place for kills and then picking up that little blue bag to get more (I am guilty of this too). But I think tacticals such as flashbangs and concussions would be fine.

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                    There's a video on youtube of a guy named Black Worm or something who used scavenged trophy systems and claymores to take camping to a whole new level. He had dual equipment on, riot shield and shotgun. He'd plant the riot shield and hide behind it. He'd put a trophy system in front of the riot shield and claymores at the doors entering his location. People would die, he'd use scavenger and repeat. Imagine a riot shield/C4 guy that actually has infinite C4 or the old one man army noob tube classes. I think it'd be fine to scavenge tacticals except thermobarics for the sake of HC players and those that run thermobaric with danger close still get kills in core. Maybe if they implemented a way to only scavenge if the enemy was using the same tactical/lethal.

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                      I don't think we want another One Man Army type of thing where someone could have three claymores (or was it two?) out at a time and keep getting more.


                      It would be: IED gets a kill. Resupply from the dead body. Put out new IED.

                      More work than OMA but still a campers dream.


                      My vote is no. It's fine how it is.

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                        well ied are not a problem to sitrep and blastshield and a 9 bang

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                          but it has a counter to it

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