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    Infinity Ward....

      It is very apparent that you could careless about the general population is saying about your **** game.  It has SUCH potential to be really good.  But no, why change it?  I mean...all the twice a week gamers love it.


      As much as people disagree on play styles, Riot Shield/C4 class, etc....there are 2 things EVERYONE has been asking you to fix.  And we haven't heard a ******* peep from you....


      1)  AMPLIFY - soooo.....what is the point of Dead Silence?  Why does Amplify make normal footsteps sound level 10 (1-10 scale, for argument sake) and my Dead Silence footsteps....sound level ******* 10!!  Where is the advantage for Dead Silence?  What were you thinking?  Who needs SATCOMS when I can hear you from the Warehouse to the Porter building on Freight?  You fix this....you fix the camper epidemic that people gripe about.  I can see why some pub all-star would camp.  I mean...he will always know where you're coming from, go prone, ADS, and POW....kill.  Just recently, 4 of us joined a pub game (first mistake) and the WHOLE other team was running Amplify (was another 6 person clan).  My whole team runs Dead Silence.....but wait....they can still hear us.  Nice....so lets dumb down and slow down the game pace to ******* crouch walking everywhere.  I haven't seen one person in these forums wanting to keep Amplify the way it is.


      2)  Spawn system - again.....not ONE person has defending you semblance of a spawn system.  No wonder 33% of the games end in forfeit or dashboard because the other team just gets **** on.


      If you fix these two issues...you will have a lot more "happy" gamers.  As of right now, I'm done.  8 days played and 8th prestige....already wasted too much time. 

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          Re: Infinity Ward....

          I run amplify and ds on a couple of maps and i know that there hasn't been any kind of patch but it seems the last couple of days that I cannot hear players with ds as easily as i could before.  IMO


          I totally agree with you but right now it works great against noobs.

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            Re: Infinity Ward....

            There are more than two issues that need to be addressed by IW to fix this crap game.

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