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    The User's Guide to Ghosts

      I just came across the COD: Ghosts user manual. Other than the little booklet in the disc case (which I never read and I doubt anyone else does), I did not know there was a user's manual. But there is. It is online here.


      It is an amazing 19 pages long. Wow. That's a lot of stuff! So, having come down with a cold and not up to gaming tonight, I thought, meh, I got a little spare time. Why now check it out? Right?


      Well. Don't let the 19 pages fool you. The "useful" material is 3 pages long. Let me explain. The first "page" is, of course, the cover page. Next is a warning not to play the game if you are photosensitive or something or another (don't play if you're prone to epileptic seizures or something like that). The third page tells you to install the game to your hard drive. I did not do that. I hope the NSA does not arrest me for violating COD TOS. Anyway, the fourth page has a picture of the controller telling what each button does.


      The next 15 pages are credits. Like "end of movie" credits. Yes. The Call of Duty: Ghosts owner's manual is 19 pages long and 15 pages of it is a list of all the people involved with making Call of Duty: Ghosts.


      I dunno. For some reason that just seemed ... different to me.


      edit - So, further exploring, I see there is some sort of information about a "Tactical Camera." I'm like, WTF? I never - oooohhhhhh!! yeah, that's right - for the collector's edition or whatever. LMAO - the owner's manual for this thing is 8 pages long, no credits, and detailed information all about the Tac Camera!!! LMAO!!